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Friday, March 24, 2017

President Trump, de facto Speaker of the House.

President Trump killed Ryancare and Paul Ryan's career today making the president the de facto Speaker of the House. This is a good move for Republicans and the Republic.

The plan originally was to have the House pass its plan, send it to the Senate, and have senators write the actually plan. That made sense and I supported it. Plus I liked what Ryan wanted to do to rein in Medicaid.

But in battle, plans die first. Ryan couldn't get the House to climb aboard. So Trump improvised.

He tried to push people on board. They would not go. So the president said screw it, vote it up or down -- knowing Ryan did not have the votes.

But that is not how it is supposed to work. The president is not supposed to call a vote. The speaker calls the shots in the House. I cannot think of a time when a president ran roughshod over a speaker like this.

Maybe FDR.

Even LBJ couldn't do it. If he had tried, Speaker John McCormack would have told him to go to hell and take Ladybird with him -- and the Johnsons would have had to go.

But Ryan is as weak as Obama, and so Trump shoved him aside. Now without the votes, Ryan canceled the vote. That is a big horse collar on Ryan.

Even Nancy Pelosi is mocking him, pointing out on Twitter that she never lost a vote.

Again, how can you lose a vote when you are speaker? You call the votes.

Unless you are Paul Ryan and Trump is president. Then you do whatever Trump says. This is the big leagues.

I have tried to embrace Ryan, but he is a creation of the Washington Republican Establishment, having lived in D.C. since his graduation from Miami University in Ohio in 1992. He worked his way up from staff member to Congress. He has been there too long. This is his tenth term. Next year marks 20 years.

Perhaps a demotion will get him to quit and become a lobbyist.

For President Trump, Ryan's demise carries personal satisfaction. Oh, he planned on letting Ryan be the fall guy, but Ryan fell quicker than expected.

What happens next for Obamacare beats me. A full repeal would force a deadline upon Congress, but Trump is willing to let Obamacare implode.

Trump already ended the individual mandate via an executive order. Maybe he can XO the employer mandate.

Meanwhile, his tax plan -- which was contingent upon a new health care plan -- may move forward next. A corporate tax amnesty on repatriating money from overseas would goose the economy, so I hope he does that first.

Cutting the rate to 10% could mean a one-time boost of $200 billion in federal revenues, so that meets the requirement that any tax reform not add to the deficit.

That money would be useful in scoring any tax cut. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Trump is getting bids on designing the wall. He's also sent lawyers to work on property rights. Look for occasional uses of eminent domain.

Regulatory relief continues. Car makers won't have to meet Obama's requirements for gas mileage.

Then there is NATO. The rise of nationalism in Europe makes it easier to sell increases in military spending to the masses. Only five countries now meet their military funding obligations out of the 28 NATO countries. Look for that to rise.

Trump's in charge in Washington. The deep state -- or derp state as I call it -- turned out to be Comey and a few former Obama officials. The Obama people are in trouble as Barack Obama indeed was spying on a private citizen and political nemesis named Donald John Trump.

That's unAmerican.

But I won't allow my anger to diminish this fine moment in history. We are two months into his presidency and Trump is well ahead of where Obama and Bush 43 were at this point.

Yes, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to slow-walk the appointments, and Trump needs 50 of 52 Republican senators to agree with him on any legislation that he wants.

But presidents need less legislation than it appears. Congress has so empowered the bureaucracy to rule through regulation that a president can undo law rather quickly.

With a pen and a phone, as some dwarf said a while back.

I think it was Stinky, or maybe Dummy.

Anyway, smoke them if you got them. Somebody in Washington got screwed today and it wasn't me or you.

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  1. Paul Ryan's epitaph: Cucks gotta cuck.

    1. The press seems to be putting the blame where it belongs. Ryan's pic with head bowed all over the place.

    2. His head should have been on a pike. He had 8 years---8 friggin' years since the passage of the ObamaCare law---to get a "starter" bill written to get things moving on repeal. He had ONE job to do, and he blew it.

  2. The monopoly brought about by licensing and accreditation remains the fundamental problem.
    All "solutions" that do not involve breaking up the monopoly dance around this.
    As it is, the fight continues to be over a big pile of imaginary money with patients, doctors, insurance companies and big pharma competing for a bigger share. The big pile of money is just like the emperor's new clothes. It will cease to be an issue when we admit that it isn't there and everyone has to pay his own way, including those now protected by the monopoly.

  3. PR, Nightgown boy.

  4. Now it's Jordan's and Rand Paul's turn, but a very interesting take.

  5. "Then there is NATO. The rise of nationalism in Europe makes it easier to sell increases in military spending to the masses. Only
    countries now meet their military funding obligations out of the 28 NATO countries. Look for that to rise."

    Had to read that twice. I'm guessing the word your fingers messed up was "five".

    The House did worse; way worse.

  6. Recall that Obama's legacy is essentially gone, owing to Trump. DOJ working, State working, the climate change priests gone, research grants (contracts) at HHS/NSF/NIH will be re-aligned with new "priorities", the pipelines gonna flow, etc. Zerocare is out of money right now, and Zerocare will implode fund-wise with no providers soon in some states and no bail outs for insurance companies.

    So, let the Dimms own it. That's essentially like living in a foreclosed house without running water and power.

    Rand wants to pick up the ball next week, so let him. Has he ever followed through on anything? HFC is labeled as "betrayers." Are any of them credited with any legislation?

    We're seeing a pecking order established at all levels of the so-called republican party.

    Don's right; planned. When Trump passingly mentions he didn't like certain parts of the bill, well, there you have it. El Hefe doesn't roll with deals like that.

    Sh*t list or not, however, Ryan just forfeited the math whiz title.

  7. This is also a display to everyone that Trump WILL walk away and blow up a deal. The world watched. North Korea watched. Iran watched. Nato watched. Theresa May watched. Mexico watched. All those countries that want to make a deal with the US watched Pres Trump throw out the baby with the bathwater. CD.

    1. Yes, exactly---he'll blow up a deal if he doesn't think it'll be a good one. He's not going to sign a deal just to say he signed a deal, in the same way Reagan walked away from Gorby in Reykjavik in '87. They just got proof positive that DJT is a serious dealmaker. It obviously escaped you.

    2. Good pull, Fred. Yes, Ronaldus Maximus took a lotta shit for that move, but...guess whose Union blew into bits a few years later? It damn sure wasn't ours.

    3. Are you guys nuts? Trump did not walk away from anything. There was no offer on the table for him to reject. He offered something and the House "walked away" from his offer. The truth seems to be that he was willing to make a bad deal, but he could not even get that deal. I just cannot see this as a plus for Trump.

    4. You don't understand the guy. Don't let the establishment media color your thinking, Trump didn't lose a thing, Ryan did. Trump pretended to play along, but you don't have Steve Bannon tell the House Freedom Caucus, "vote for this bill" if you really want it to pass.

    5. Like when Reagan fired the air traffic controllers: Russia watched.

  8. Dang autocomplete. Got me a case of Doc's Disease. Third time's a charm.

    Maybe Trump is blundering around like a bull in a China shop.

    Or maybe he knows EXACTLY what he's doing to bulldoze a straight path to victory out of the Washington hedge maze.

    I'll bet on the billionaire, thank you very much.

    And The Oracle of Poca, WV.

  9. Louie Gohmert was on Fox doing his best "bless his heart" on Ryan. Ryan tried SO hard and failed. The faux sympathy and praise was epic. Now Ryan can twist in the wind.

  10. FNC and FBN need to sign Don up as a contributor----I don't know if he'd have to drive to the nearest Fox affiliate to get on the air but it would be well worth it, for him and the rest of the country!

  11. I just hope this gets Ryan removed. A solid point made here is that all the House had to accomplish was pass a bill to send to the Senate to be modified by them and sent back to be modified by the House. That is, sure, something had to be written to begin the negotiations, but Ryan couldn't do that or convince the conservatives to get something passed.

    And Pelosi is truly insane, if one listens to the idiocy that comes out of her mouth cluelessly -- and yet she can control the Democrats in the House. Granted, Democrats always seem to be far more loyal to party than to America (to being blatant hypocrites a lot of the time when it comes to criminal wrongdoing by Democrats or passing the blame for failures, no matter how unconvincingly).

    So Ryan is a failure all around and maybe this will get rid of him. I would add a footnote that Ryan represents that hard-to-elect Republicans that always bring up "fixing" Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid that makes a majority (not only of everyone but of voters too) of America nervous and suspicious and inclined to oppose automatically. It will help Republicans if he's gone.

  12. You indeed can rule with a pen and a phone, but only if you own the liberal judiciary and have a complicit opposition party as did Obama.

  13. Paul Johnboehner Ryan failed to deliver. Was it a half-hearted effort aimed at Trump, to diminish him? Everyone knew what was happening to anything they passed, it would go to the Senate where they would rework it. He couldn't even get that done. When you drain the swamp you may expect it to stink.

  14. Who knew Ryan had only a Certificate Of Participation in Head Start Math!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. "Perhaps a demotion will get him to quit and become a lobbyist."

    ITYM "Perhaps a demotion will get him to quit and be a full-time lobbyist."

  17. ConservativeTreeHouse has reinvigorated my sanity and renews my hope. With the passing of W. Buckley in 2008, I was concerned about the void his death left in the intellectual brain of the Republican party; As George Wills stated, "he had equipped the Republican party with an "intellectually defensible modern conservatism."
    At CTH I find much "intellectually defensible" content thanks to Sundance and the wonderfully informed commenters. Such a great resource for my feeble defense of conservative values in the liberal lion's den where I reside.

  18. Fantastic post Don. Again.

    One thing I love about this blog, among many, is that Don reads and analyzes politics so I don't have to!