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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Poll shows Hillary now 10 points behind Trump

You cannot blame the Russians for this one. But since the election, Hillary Clinton's favorability has fallen an it cannot get up.

Her favorability fell from 42 percent in December to 35 percent in March, according to a poll by Suffolk University.

President Trump remains at 45 percent favorable -- leaving Trump 10 points better.

Her unfavorables remain steady at 47 percent for him, 55 percent unfavorable for her -- leaving Trump eight points better.

This shows his supporters are hanging with him, while her supporters are deserting her because she is a loser. She took only 20 states and D.C. -- the fewest since Bush 41 shellacked Dukakis 28 years ago.

As for another run at Trump, the last time a loser was nominated a second time was 61 years ago when Democrats gave Adlai Stevenson a second shot at Ike. Ike beat him 41 states to 7, as Adlai carried two states fewer than he did in 1952.

President Trump's negative favorable/unfavorables in the poll -- 45 percent/47 percent -- belie the popularity of his political positions.

We shall see know more about the prospects of a rematch in two years when the president's ability to fulfill promises -- including an economic revival -- become clear.

The poll is here.

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  1. Actually, the last time a loser was renominated was in 1968, when Nixon, the loser in 1960, was nominated and won.

  2. But not back to back, as was Stevenson in '52 and '56.

  3. The Demmies are becoming a comedy act...

    Well, we just elected a black.
    Next, we'll elect a woman.
    Then, a transgender.
    Then, a Cocker Spaniel.
    Then, a Tufted Titmouse.

    At this point, everybody knows the Libs have lost their minds. Treat them like you would treat a wild eyed homeless man who has just wet himself, again.

  4. "Her unfavorables remain steady"

    At last, a girdle you can trust.

  5. I have to wonder, How Low Can She Go; I'm sure the answer is "Further".

    1. Yeah, she's trying to match Nixon's trip to China the HARD way.

  6. "President Trump's negative favorable/unfavorables in the poll -- 45 percent/47 percent -- belie the popularity of his political positions."

    That favorability rating will change once Trump's policies have some time to show people they work.