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Thursday, March 16, 2017

No, Chelsea, HE persisted

Chelsea Clinton has climbed down from Mount Privileged with two tablets for her illustrated book, "She Persisted," which will tell the inspirational stories of 13 American women. Just what we need, more inspiration for a sex that represents 60% of American college students.

How about we inspire the sex that represents 90% of American prison inmates, has a life expectancy of four years fewer than its female counterparts, and is three times as likely to die by suicide as well as other forms of homicide?

From the Hill:
Chelsea Clinton is penning a new children’s book called “She Persisted.”
The book will tell the stories of “women who overcame immense opposition to achieve their goals,” according to Entertainment Weekly, which was first to report news of its release on Thursday.
Some of the women profiled in the picture book will include Harriet Tubman, Florence Griffith Joyner, Oprah Winfrey and Helen Keller. The magazine also suggests that former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton could be making a “cameo” in her daughter’s book.
I will grant you they are inspirational stories.

But they pale in comparison to the story of the son of a ferry boatman on Staten Island who followed in his father's footsteps.

Later, he captained one of the first steamboats. He was so successful, his competitors bought him out.

So he began sailing passengers to California via Nicaragua, where they landed and crossed to the Pacific where another ship took them. The route cut the time and the price of the trip.

Then he invested in railroads and became a billionaire.

He gave the Navy his best ship to fight the Civil War. Feeling guilty over the war, he gave a small college in Tennessee some money.

You know it as Vanderbilt University, named in honor of its benefactor, Commodore Vanderbilt.

Or how about the son of a butcher in Walldorf, Germany, who followed his brothers to America to sell musical instruments? He abandoned that for fur, building a company so big and profitable that he was able to buy farms on Manhattan Island that later became part of the city. John Jacob Astor also is the reason Oregon and Washington state are part of this nation.

Or how about the weaver's son who emigrated from Scotland with his family to Pittsburgh, where he worked as a bobbin boy in a cotton mill at 13?

A rich gentleman gave him -- and any working lad -- access to his library each Saturday night. The bobbin boy learned and later became a messenger boy at a railroad, and later a protege of Tom Scott, the railroad magnate.

The protege formed his own bridge construction company, and won the bid to build the Eads Bridge, which would be the symbol of St. Louis for almost a century. The bridge was made of steel, which inspired Andrew Carnegie to go into the steelmaking business. His fortune was mammoth.

But his legacy was 3,000 Carnegie libraries, the first opened in his hometown of Dunfermline, Scotland. What a proud moment in his life when his mother helped open it.

I have 76 other such stories in my book, "Exceptional Americans 2: The Capitalists." There are men in the book both black and white, as well as black women and white.

They did more than have a talk show. One black man came up with a way to refine sugar, a process that is the basis of the chemical industry. Another black man invented modern dry cleaning. His daughter was Rosa Parks a century before Rosa Parks. Another black man helped more slaves escape through the Underground Railroad than Tubman did. One was his own brother, whom he did not know he had.

This piece is not written to diminish the achievements of these women, but rather to diminish the superficial manner in which Clinton, a woman born into great wealth and power, helps perpetuate the fraud that only women have had to overcome obstacles.

I can guarantee you that the 79 people in this volume, as well as the people in its predecessor, "Exceptional Americans: 50 People You Need To Know," overcame a lot more than the average woman in America today did.

The people I profiled helped build this country with "blood, toil, tears, and sweat" as Churchill promised his countrymen in World War II.

The two volumes were part of my vision of telling, briefly, the tales of Americans whom history overlooks because Marxists seek to portray our country as genocidal, or as Clinton's mother put it:
“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it.”
If America is so hateful and evil, why would any decent person wish to live here, much less preside over it?

Daughter and mother are cheap shot artists who wish to divide the country along the lines of sex.

The "Exceptional Americans" series was fun to write and I have done some work on three more volumes. They got some good review:
From Robert Guzzardi:
Fascinating. US history is presented in a way I have never seen before.
This review is from: Exceptional Americans 2: The Capitalists (Kindle Edition)
Fast moving. Don Surber makes the case that individuals, with the power of imagination and innovation, have improved lives of 100s of millions of people.
Don Surber focuses on the power of individual determination and creativity, focused on delivering a benefit to consumers, clients and customers, to make lives better in ways that no command and control system ever could.
The individual drives the free market system not impersonal, historical forces.
But then a fellow who almost made the cut in the second volume decided to run for president, which led to "Trump the Press" and "Trump the Establishment."

Book plug? Sure. But I want to make the larger point that as we inspire girls, we should not neglect boys. Let's inspire all Americans.

By the way, the paperback version of "Exceptional Americans 2: The Capitalists" no longer is available. Write to me at if you want an autographed copy of it or any of my books.

"Trump the Establishment" is now on Kindle.

"Trump the Establishment" is also available in paperback.

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  1. Don did it without the help of a famous mother and dad, too. They definitely were not infamous.

    1. And without the help of a ghostwriter or "research assistant" unlike Ms CC, I am sure. The thing about writing a children's book is that it doesn't have to be all that well researched or written. Children don't expect their story tellers to be profound or even correct. The medium itself sets a very low bar for the author, sort of like her tweets. Is CC up to this child's play? Perhaps, once the publisher has assigned her a really top notch hands-on editor.

  2. Don, are you mansplaining? I'm not even sure what that means, but I see it every time a man defends men, or at least says something positive about them.

  3. I'm waiting for the sequel about her mom's goofy gait on the campaign trail last year ... "She's Pissed".

    1. Perhaps you meant, "She pissed," as in, "She pissed herself (again)." - Elric

  4. I read and enjoyed the two books. You SHOULD plug them more.

    Love this post's title.

    Alternate for Chelsea Hubbel's book - "She Pestered".

    1. Yeah, Chelsea looks nothing like Bill. But there's at least a few mulattos who do.

  5. Sadly, what most kids learn about men like Astor, Vanderbilt and Carnegie is that they were "robber barons" who got rich by exploiting others.

  6. Never be ashamed of plugging a book. That's how capitalism works.

    As for the brood mare's book, Orpah and FloJo are inspirational stories?

    Whoda thunk?

  7. Chelsea is dumber than a bag of lint.

    Who was her ghost writer for this children's book?

  8. "I want to make the larger point that as we inspire girls, we should not neglect boys."

    Angry White Man speaks! Would someone please give Surber a participation ribbon now please.

    Never knew Helen Keller was a "superficial woman born into great wealth and power ..."

    1. Um, actually Keller was born into a wealthy family, but to clarify I added the name Clinton because people who read my blog with hatred in their heart leap to enough conclusions as it is. Thank you so much for your attention.

    2. Nice. People who read this blog - like you - have "hatred in their heart" for the Clinton family. Real Christian of you.

    3. No Anonymous, when it comes to the Clintons, we love the sinners but hate their sins, of which the Clintons' have a legion. No one is above reproach in their public affairs, and the Clintons, more than any others who come to mind, have repeatedly shown they are amoral slugs who deserve all the criticism we give them of their public service, which has been merely a pretense and excuse to serve themselves.

  9. To the Lefties men are evil. They should be denigrated and dismissed at every opportunity. - Elric

  10. KellyAnne Conway:
    She persists and her accomplishments are ignored.

  11. There are hundreds of books out there detailing the inspirational stories of women. But when such a book is written by a "Clinton", Surber goes ape and has to discredit it to the greatest extent possible.

    The Clintons are finally done, gone, finished from the D.C/national scene. Let your hatred of this family go.

    1. My books also detail the inspirational stories of women. The difference is I am not trying to divide the nation along lines of sex to pursue public office. But carry on

    2. So you have irrefutable proof that Chelsea Clinton is trying to divide a nation by writing a children's book about women with hopes of running for office one day? Like to see the objective facts to back up your assertion.

      Does this mean anyone who writes a book of inspirational stories solely about men are also trying to divide the country?

    3. "Does this mean anyone who writes a book of inspirational stories solely about men are also trying to divide the country?"

      Consider the context. That's the tell. The book is not being published in a vacuum. The book is not about the women profiled in the book. And it's not about the children who might read the book. It's about the woman who is the pretend "author" of the book. It's another Clinton charade. CC will no more be the "author" of this book than Obama was the "author" of his. It's fake. Just like her tweets.

  12. Wasn't "she persisted" the mantra all the lefties were saying when Fauxcahontas wanted to keep talking in the Senate and McConnell slapped her down (not literally, alas)? I guess Chelsea Hubbard will have to "write" a second volume and include Sen. Lie-a-watha. I find it fitting that this hefty tome is a "political children's book"---definitely written at Chelsea's intellectual level!

  13. "How about we inspire the sex that represents 90% of American prison inmates, has a life expectancy of four years fewer than its female counterparts, and is three times as likely to die by suicide as well as other forms of homicide?"

    You sexist bigot, Don. ;-)

  14. "Clinton's mother"

    A-hem! That's "Clinton's progenitor", man!