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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Never Trumper never learns

The reaction of Rich Lowry to President Trump's address to Congress reminded me that sometimes euthanasia is best for a crippled housefly.

I mean his magazine, not Lowry himself.

As editor of the National Review, Rich Lowry has taken the oldest conservative publication to its inevitable irrelevancy. The "Against Trump" issue 14 months ago was a desperate attempt to give Hillary Clinton the presidency so Lowry and the PC conservatives could regain control of the Republican Party.

Since then his magazine and its core authors have given Trump advice that he sagely disregards, and has made predictions that fall so short that they make Nate Silver seem prescient.

Lowry's take on Trump's speech showed a lack of the basics of conservatism by a confused Washington lifer.

From Lowry:
It was truly bizarre to see Republicans standing and cheering the passages on protectionism and infrastructure spending, but this is the change Trump has wrought in the party. We still don’t know where Trump will end up policy-wise on these matters–he seemed to tip-toe up to endorsing a border adjustment tax, but he didn’t go all the way, and he mentioned the $1 trillion number on infrastructure without explicitly saying it would all be more spending. He was also vague on the Obamacare replacement. I thought his endorsement of a tax credit might be significant, but I’m told it doesn’t really push the debate on Capitol Hill one way or the other.
Why would Republicans not cheer protectionism? That was its policy from the start, in part because the South supported free trade as it exchanged slave-produced cotton for cheap products.

Lincoln opposed free trade. He imposed a 44 percent tariff on imports.

In a speech on October 4, 1892, future president William McKinley said:
Under free trade the trader is the master and the producer the slave. Protection is but the law of nature, the law of self-preservation, of self-development, of securing the highest and best destiny of the race of man.
Every Republican president up to and including Reagan supported protectionism.

Then came the Bushes, and the New World Order, and the mess we are in today.

As Lowry and his fellow PC conservatives push forth their revisionist history, I want to tell them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine: the South Pole on the summer solstice.

As for Republicans opposing infrastructure spending, two words:
Transcontinental railroad
Two more:
Panama Canal
Two more:
Hoover Dam
Three more:
St. Lawrence Seaway
Two more:
Interstate highways
The railroad we paid for with land, not money. But all these projects helped accommodate commerce, and along with a policy of protectionism, made this nation great.

Coolidge championed the Hoover Dam, which private enterprise tried but failed to do.

Lowry runs an irrelevant enterprise that has reached the end cycle of its usefulness. It needs desperately an infusion of clear thought, unadulterated by the swamp gas of Washington.

I suggest replacing Lowry with Patrick Buchanan.

And ownership to Conrad Black.

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  1. Speaking of #NeverTrumpers ...

    Mark Levin’s CRTV Fires Mark Steyn – Lawsuit Follows…:

    Mark Steyn was fired by Old Yeller [Levin] after only a month into a four-year contract.

    Steyn supporters who subscribed to CRTV were initially refused refunds; however, after backlash it would appear refunds are now being granted.

    Oh, and it also appears as though a lawsuit is ongoing.

    1. This is the first I'd heard of CRTV falling apart, but I didn't sign up for it. I'm with Steyn.

    2. I used to like Levin, nut he has shown what a #NeverTrump backstabber he is: he is so "Pure" that Trump can't meet his exacting standards.

      To hell with him.

    3. Levin has entered Glen Beck territory. I love Steyn.

  2. Thanks, Kitty. Steyn trusted Levin. One Big Ass Mistake.
    I winced when Steyn signed with Levin.

    1. I did, too. Lots of people subscribed to CRTV because of Steyn, and now they're demanding a refund.

  3. I'd bet if Trump promised to get legislation passed that protected the NR from dying the death it deserves, Lowry would be fully on board with that.

  4. Lowry does nothing more than repeat Roves's nevertrumpisms. Lowry is a sockpuppet, at best.

    Fox tried twice to cast their net this morning. Both failed by noon.

  5. The late Robert Novak said once "The Republican Party was put on earth to lower taxes". If Trump does that he can do whatever else he wants but he will have fulfilled his Holy Mission. Frankly I miss Bob Novak.

  6. Good article. One bone of contention. Conrad Black. He is a morally corrupt person. What he and Ron Radosh attempted to do to Diane West in the professional realm was unbelievable. One could expect this from Radosh, a former Marxist. But Black? Well, he did write a transparently bowdlerized version of FDR's life and times, especially denying the evidence in the FBI's VENONA Files is questionable, at least.

  7. Thank you Don for reading NR. I will never knowingly give them a click.

  8. NR can only survive with GOPe money so it's no wonder they are NeverTrump.