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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Media pretends wiretapping is mere "surveillance"

The Media-Democratic Party Governmental Complex refuses to admit that that the Obama regime wiretapped President Trump.

Instead, weasel words such as "surveillance" and "intercepts" are deployed to protect Barack Obama from being exposed as the amoral, unethical, and authoritarian president he was.

This is not who we are.

But the press accepts this -- and ignores the truth that Trump was right.

From Politico:
Nunes claims some Trump transition messages were intercepted
Nixon lost his presidency when he tried to intercept Larry O'Brien's messages.

From the Resurgent:
Nunes Statement Does Not Confirm Trump Tweets
PC Conservatives show they are complacent as their liberal buddies.

From New York magazine:
GOP House Intel Chair: Trump Team Was Legally Surveilled During Transition
Yes, Obama's minions had permission from a FISA judge to wiretap Trump Tower.

From CNN:
House Intel chairman: Trump's personal communications may have been collected 
If you cannot call a wiretap a wiretap then you are not a news organization.

You are a propagandist.

So what does an expert on the abuse of presidential power have to say about all this?

From the Washington Examiner:
The Washington Post's Bob Woodward warned on Wednesday that there are people from the Obama administration who could be facing criminal charges for unmasking the names of Trump transition team members from surveillance of foreign officials.
This is part of a pattern.

Barack Obama abused his power on James Rosen of Fox News, Sharyl Attkisson then of CBS, and numerous Tea Party groups.

The investigation of Trump's campaign was unprecedented.

I believe that President Obama through his minions ordered this as a means of framing Trump as a Putin puppet for post-election prosecution. Obama wanted to exact vengeance for the whole birther nonsense, which bothers Obama no end.

However, Obama's plan to frame Trump fell through when we elected Trump president.

Paul Manafort had ties to Russia?

What about the million bucks Russia gave Bill Clinton for a speech?

Unlike Hillary, Trump got rid of his Russian connection five days after the New York Times reported it last August.

We are better than this, America. Far better.

But the media is run by weasels and SJWs, and so the games of semantics continue as the media tries to parse its way out of its complicity with the banana republic tactics of Obama's reign.

The American people have had it. They want to move on from a long, drawn-out, nasty political campaign that the losers -- both in the Democratic Party and the media -- want to drag on forever.

It is like when people vote down a school bond. The school board refuses to accept that and keeps putting the bond on the ballot until it passes -- or there is a new school board.

And of course the local newspaper backs the school bond. Sure. Every time. And if it does not pass, the paper gets angry and accuses the people of being selfish and falling for populist messages, and the like.

It is the same thing here.

The media is missing the best story of its life -- the people rising against an establishment that has failed them for the last 20 years.

Instead of reporting the story, the media is part of it -- the part covering up Barack Obama's Nixonian abuse of power.


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  1. Terrific article -- good point after good point! Thank you.

  2. And Fox suspended (?) Judge Napolitano >:O

    1. And today Fox & Friends had "The Property Man" Bob Massi on to talk about the Gorsuch hearings---he's now their go-to legal beagle instead of Judge Nap?!?!?!

    2. You're kidding! OMG, pathetic is right.

  3. As I said yesterday, this IS what the Dems ARE, and their media minions, too.

  4. This is what Nunes has as proof? Pathetic. From yesterday.
    Reporter: Just to be clear, were these communications actually collected inside Trump Tower?
    Nunes: We don’t know, we don’t know that.
    Reporter: How do you not know if it was Trump’s personal communications? Wouldn’t that be clear?
    Nunes: Because until I get all the information in its entirety from all the agencies, then we can go through it and we can go back and ask those kinds of questions, but I would just be speculating at this point.
    Reporter: Can you just say, do you think right now, the NSA or a member of the intelligence community was spying on Trump during the transition period?
    Nunes: Well, I guess it all depends on the one definition of spying. Clearly it bothers me enough, I’m not comfortable with it, and I want to make sure that the White House understands it and that’s why I briefed the Speaker this morning on this.
    Reporter: The President said that President Obama tapped his phones. Did you see anything—
    Nunes: No, no, no. That did not happen. I’ve said this for many, many weeks, including the day after or a couple days after in front of the press. That never happened.
    Reporter: Did you see anything to suggest that President Obama ordered any kind of surveillance on the President-elect?
    Nunes: Well, we don’t know who sent the taskings, if the taskings were changed into what went into these intelligence reports. But we’re going to try to find that out.

  5. What's pathetic are liberal attempts to whitewash political espionage

    1. Don: Nice to see you are staying true to your MSM roots about all this wiretapping of Trump Towers (which no R politician or federal intelligence agency says never existed): Never let facts get in the way of a good story (blog post).
      Obama is long gone. Give it up buttercup

    2. LOL "(which no R politician or federal intelligence agency says never existed)" ???
      Keep trying to be witty. You are like the kitten tangled in string. Your string being the English language.

    3. And your string is facts.

    4. It's always good to see Valerie Jarret this early in the day. Enjoying your new digs?

  6. Obama wanted to exact vengeance for the whole birther nonsense, which bothers Obama no end.

    I have yet to see where it's "Nonsense", nor any compelling evidence that he was born in Hawaii.

    And we have just seen another example of Hawaiian courts messing with the system.

    And then there are O's travels and missing school records.....

    1. My take all along has been it does not matter. His mother was American and other the rule of citizenship sanguinis (mother American, child American) he would be eligible for president.
      McCain was after all born in Panama

    2. I repeat: McCain was NOT born in the country of Panama. He was born on American soil in the Canal Zone, an unincorporated overseas territory of the United States. Give it up, Don.

    3. He was born in a hospital NEAR the canal zone and base. He was born in Honduras not the US Canal Zone.
      And he won't release his birth certificate. He did commission two legal scholars to determine in their view that he is natural born which doesn't make it so.

    4. There is more to "natural born citizen" status than just having an American mother, even if Obama/Soetoro was born in Hawaii.

      To date we have NO actual records that tell us anything about Obama/Soetoro's birth; where it happened or who his actual father is (the Founders didn't care about the mother, they were concerned with the citizenship status of the child's father when looking at whether the child is natural-born.)

      [See Vattel's "Law of Nations" of which the Founders were all cognizant.]

  7. There is no doubt that fascism is alive and well in the Leftist/Democrat/MSM's pointy little heads. What is really sad is that they're giving weasels a bad reputation. They may not soar with the eagles but they don't get sucked into jet engines, either. - Elric

  8. "Yes, Obama's minions had permission from a FISA judge to wiretap Trump Tower."

    Is this the court order they are talking about making public on Friday? It would be heavily redacted for declassification but should be very interesting. What agency did Lynch get to request it? Then can start untangling who "unmasked" whom? It is like unraveling an ugly sweater.

  9. My guess is yes. Andrew McCarthy reported it on March 3 in National Review.

    1. So your bromance with McCarthy and the NR is on again?
      “McCarthy and his company are Never Trump. His company exists on donations. He and most of the National Review contributors practice Blanche DuBois journalism. Whatever their donors want, their donors get.”

    2. LOL. Well I was wrong, wasn't I? I was too skeptical of his criticism of Hillary.

      Turns out he was not Never Trump as I had stated in that piece -- "Phony rage against Hillary."

      He had written:

      "As for the election, Mrs. Clinton is under the cloud of suspicion not because of Comey but because of her own egregious misconduct. She had no right to know back in July whether the investigation was closed. She has no right to know it now. Like any other criminal suspect, she simply has to wait -- and wonder and worry. There were other worthy Democrats, but the party chose to nominate the subject of a criminal investigation. That is the Democrats’ own recklessness; Jim Comey is not to blame. And if the American people are foolish enough to elect an arrantly corrupt and compromised subject of a criminal investigation as our president, we will have no one to blame but ourselves."

      Turns out McCarthy was sincere. I apologize to Mister McCarthy. I apologize to readers for misleading them.

      I was wrong.

      The piece is here:

    3. Isn't it nice to have a reader who hangs on your every word, Don? I mean, this dude probably pays more attention to you and what you say than most stalkers do.
      It must be real love.

  10. The media keep trying to "debunk" Trump by focusing on two points:

    1. There was no physical tap placed on Donald Trump's phones.

    2. There is no proof that Obama personally ordered any surveillance of Trump.

    When lawyers lie they use the truth.

  11. "Media pretends wiretapping is mere "surveillance""


    And armed bank robbery is mere "withdrawal", and that whole invasion of Poland thing was mere "tourism".

  12. But waterboarding and exposing someone to loud music is "torture." How nice would it be if we could just kick all leftists off the planet. Just imagine the silence left behind in the absence of all their dangerous bullshit.