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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Media pays for calling Trump Hitler

President Trump's address to Congress jolted the stock indices jolted up 1% this morning. Communist Van Jones praised him on CNN. And that network's polls showed Trump's numbers and American optimism are up.

Democrats are devastated as they now realize four months of occasionally violent opposition and protest are for naught.

But the biggest losers are the people Trump left unmentioned.

The media.

They spent two years portraying him as a buffoon and a conman, a fake and a danger, and a clown and Hitler.

President Trump showed he was none of that. As Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, wrote this morning, Trump is shedding that Hitler image fast.

From Scott Adams:
Trump apparently opened his speech (I missed that part) by speaking out against some recent hate crimes in the United States. By putting that topic first, he made it a top priority, if only in our minds. That was the not-Hitler moment the world was hoping to see. I told you in prior posts and tweets that by this summer Trump would move the national consciousness from the illusion that he is Hitler to the opinion that his administration is not competent. By the end of the year, the critics will be saying some version of this: “Okay, he gets a lot done, and he isn’t Hitler, but we still don’t like it.” That story arc looks as if it accelerated last night, but I expect lots more Hitler talk before summer. Last night was big for the President, but only a first step toward improving his brand.
Now stop and think about that for a moment.

You have just been elected president and all you have to do to get re-elected is show you are not Hitler.

(That and the world does not blow up.)

By portraying him as Hitler, the intellectual rummies in the media set the bar so low for President Trump that he could crawl over it.

Last summer, calling him Hitler seemed so cool. I knew it wasn't going to work -- no blogger would continue to back him so publicly if he was going to lose, which would of course have "proven" he was Hitler.

In retrospect, all the Hitler noise did was convince enough Trump supporters to hide their support enough to throw the polls off enough to make Hillary over-confident. No matter how the pollsters worded it, many people heard the question this way:
Are you gonna vote for Hitler, or for the first woman president?
Rather than accept that she and they blew it, Democrats and the media have continued this Hitler nonsense (which, oh by the way, helped re-elect Bushitler) expanding it to include Vladimir Putin.

Now much of the media finds itself painted in a corner.

Consider CNN and MSNBC, who pushed this Hitler-Putin line and attracted larger audiences of angry liberals. Suddenly -- in one speech -- President Trump deflated the liberal balloon. They now realize this guy is their president.

Do you think they will continue to follow national politics, knowing their team is losing and may take another drubbing next year?

Hell, last weekend they barely held on to the Delaware state Senate, which Democrats have owned for 44 years.

Enough voters rejected the Hitler tag to elect Trump president. And now most Americans reject it, too.

And if the media and the Democrats lied about the president being Hitler, why should anyone believe them about anything else?

If I were a Democrat thinking of running for president, I would concentrate on 2024. (This advice also applies to the Cleveland Browns.)

The only thing a Democratic presidential hopeful would want in 2020 is the keynote speakership at the convention, a la Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

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  1. That terrible smell is coming from the media/Democrats' shoe. They really stepped in it with the Hitler hysteria. - Elric

    1. They stepped in it, then they set it alight. The Dems call it the Sh*t-Hot-Foot.

  2. I haven't believed the Dems since Carter was elected, and the media since Reagan.

  3. Oprah Winfrey in 2020! The first black woman president! A twofer! Bring it on, W, bring it on....

  4. When der Media says, "The Dems should win dis race",
    We heil (Bronx cheer) heil (Bronx cheer) right in der Media's face

  5. Pity Bernie had to spend the whole speech outside leading his Commie Snowflake protestors in a chorus of Stalin's old favourites.

    "The day the muzhik died..."

  6. The markets are up about 350 points at this moment.

    That's how well he impressed the country last night.

  7. The media are depressed because they know the public can't remember what happened a few days ago. But that also means the next democratic candidate who can put on a great "performance" can win in the future just like the dems did in 2008 and 2012.

    The republicans should be teaching the pubic about policy and the "tricks" used by "performers" to get their support. Simply rejoicing over having the best performer today will not help them in the future.

    1. The public can remember things much better now than they could in the past because the media can't lead them around by the nose without any pushback. This, I suspect, is why they are so depressed.


  9. You know that's not going to stop the equating Trump with Hitler hysteria. Fun to watch, though.