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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Manchin: meeting the Russian ambassador "not unusual"

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia came to President Trump's rescue this morning by pointing out senators meet with ambassadors all the time -- including Russia's.

Crap. I may have to stop calling him EpiPen Joe if this keeps up.

The attempt by the Obama Administration In Exile to portray Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a traitor for talking to the Russians is supported by CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. Each entity posted a Fake News attack today.

This shows we do not have a free press.

We have one still beholden to President Obama.

Several senators pounced on this story, only to have been found to have bragged in the past about meeting with -- you guessed it -- the Russian

Democratic Senator Clair McCaskill of Missouri is the most loathsome member of this bunch.

CNN booked Manchin, hoping to have a Trump-friendly Democrat turn his back on Sessions and Trump.


From the Washington Free Beacon:
"Have you met with the Russian ambassador in your capacity?" she asked.
Manchin said that he not only met with the ambassador, but did so with a group of senators.
"I have," Manchin said. "I have met with the Russian ambassador with a group in my capacity, with a group of other senators."
He explained that lawmakers try to meet with all foreign ambassadors in Washington at some point to try to build relationships with them and discuss pertinent issues.
"Yes, that happens," he said. "We meet with all the ambassadors, or try to anyway, to build the relationships that you can to have some [inaudible] whatsoever, and that we can basically talk and have some type of interactions back and forth and know where in the world people are coming from."
He stressed that meeting with ambassadors is "not unusual."
"So, that's not unusual," Manchin said. "That's not unusual."
So the scandal is that anyone in Washington is pretending to be scandalized.

I have never voted for Joe. Not for secretary of state. Not for governor. Not for senator. He's Oh for Five.

He just made it harder to Say No to Joe next year.

Meanwhile, I am tracking down a rumor that John Quincy Adams talked to Russians when he was ambassador to Russia from 1809 to 1814. James Buchanan too!

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  1. The Russians hacked the Oscars.

    1. I just recovered from a bout of Russian flu. I'm sure the Russians had a hand in giving me the disease because I craved potato soup.

    2. Are you sure you're recovered? How do you feel about moose and squirrels?

  2. according to Ace, Senator McAsskill (sp?) has met with the Russian Ambassador in 2013...

    1. that's fu--ing funny. I don't care who you are!

  3. My emails to Joe must be getting through! Yeah, he keeps this up and I'll vote for him...for the first time, also. I don't think he will flip but it sure is nice seeing a Democrat speaking out against the Establishment. Big D, you've started a movement here...

  4. Democrats are acting batshit crazy.

  5. What Senators really fear is if the Russian ambassadors pulls out the torpedo juice. Strong men turn pale at the thought of going drink for drink with 'em.

  6. 'We have one still beholden to President Obama.'

    The prince is definitely standing on the X right now. With each and every trick.

    (cue the black helos over my house right now)

    1. You danged racist! Those are African-American helicopters.

    2. There's one regulation the Obama Administration never got figured out.

      The one re printed instructions for pouring p*ss out of a boot.

    3. Seems to me that the best way to counter the Dems witch hunting Russian ambassadors would be to look for Obama Admin Democrat contacts with Iran.

    4. Dave, they can't read the instructions for the boot-pouring, because those instructions are printed on the heel. It's impossible to read them with your nose in the air!

  7. Manchin is running for reelection. Once he is safely reelected he will become a Dimocrat again.

  8. I had Russian dressing tonight. I had a black Russian last week.

    1. I see your Russian dressing and raise you a 20-pound vodka watermelon.

  9. On the other side of the aisle war hawks McRino and Gramnesty have denounced AG Sessions. They want to weaken Trump because he won't go to war with someone, anyone.

  10. We must replace Manchin with a GOP senator, never forget!!!!!