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Friday, March 17, 2017

Johnny Paycheck Index at 16-year high

The Johnny Paycheck Index is at a 16-year high.

Paycheck is best known for his recording of David Alan Coe's song, "Take This Job and Shove It."

Millions of people are now saying it, again.

The Daily Mail reported that 3.2 million people quit their jobs in January, the most since 3.4 million quit in February 2001.

People no longer fear getting a new job, and companies are raiding one another for new employees again.

Under Barack Obama's sterling stewardship of the American economy, the number fell to 1.7 million as Americans hung on to jobs they didn't want at wages that were too low for fear of never working again.

Fluidity in employment is good for the economy and the employee. New employees bring new experience and expertise, as well as enthusiasm.

The rise in the Johnny Paycheck Index is not the only indication that Trump economics -- called Capitalism -- is working.

From the Daily Mail:
On Tuesday, the CEO Economic Outlook Index -- which measures expected revenue, employment and capital spending made its biggest increase since the end of 2009.
It leaped 19.1 points to 93.3, according to the Business Roundtable's survey. 
Levels above 50 indicate economic expansion, the group said, and the index had had an average of 79.8 for the past seven quarters.
Also on Tuesday the National Federation of Independent Business released its small business optimism index.
The index clocked in at 105.3 -- that's 0.6 less than the last reading, but still sustains 'the remarkable surge in optimism that started November 9, 2016, the day after the election,' the group said.
And last month it was announced that the employment-to-population radio had reached 60 per cent - the highest since February 2009.
Of that cohort, participation by workers aged 25-54 -- known as 'prime age workers' -- rose to 81.7 per cent, the highest level since 2011.
America is making America Great again.

So you can take Obamanomics and shove it. Ain't having it no more.

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