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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Jake Tapper is under the delusion he is fair

Jake Tapper of CNN was in Austin this week insisting he is not pushing Fake News.

Tapper is delusional if he thinks he is being fair and impartial in covering the nascent Trump administration.

From the Hill:
“To be completely candid, I did fact checks about [former President] Barack Obama too,” he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "Not at the same rate, nor was there a need for them at the same rate.”
“I know people that hated me then back then but now like the fact checks I’m doing about Donald Trump,” Tapper added. "I feel like I’m being consistent.”
Oh really?

Did Tapper call out President Obama for lying about creating 4 million jobs to sell a $787 billion stimulus?

Did Tapper call out President Obama for lying about reducing premiums by $2,500 a year to sell Obamacare?

You can keep your doctor?

You can keep your plan?

Last month, Tapper told CNN viewers that Trump was going to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

Tapper lied.

Jake Tapper dated Monica Lewinsky once upon a time.

His coverage of Obama was similar to her coverage of Clinton.

Now he wants us to take him serious as a journalist.

In the Hill story, Tapper whined about his 7-year-old son calling him Fake News.

Smart kid.

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  1. Trump did a few press conferences that managed to sour Tapper. But that is Tapper's baggage, not Trump's. Jake is not the most terrible reporter out there, but he's human and surrounded by a bunch of Trump Derangement Syndrome head cases over at CNN. He needs to step back and recognize his own biases.

  2. the great lie of the mainstream media is that they are unbiased and objective, Tapper is paid big money to push a collectivist narrative yet sound authoritative and fair while doing so, that the MSM tells only the truth is what they want you to believe, I don't know that most of them even believe the bs they spew, but they and their employers enormous wealth and power depends on the public believing that they are objective truth tellers and what they omit may be a bigger story yet.

  3. tapper can't even fool his own kid.

  4. "Tapper is delusional."

    Fixed it, Don.