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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How the media covers up Watergate on Steroids

When House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes learned Barack Obama's minions spied on President Trump's transition team in the months before the inauguration, Representative Nunes did his patriotic duty and informed President Trump.

The liberal media wants you to think that is the scandal -- not Obama's abuse of presidential power by conducting political espionage.

This is a shape-shifting of the news, which liberals are extremely clever at. They set the news agenda and public perception of the story.

Note the latest report from CNN:
Amid turmoil, House Intel Committee scraps meetings this week
The House Intelligence Committee has scrapped all meetings this week amid growing partisan rancor now threatening to derail its investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign.
The full committee meetings were canceled amid an increasingly tense back-and-forth that intensified over Chairman Devin Nunes' decision to cancel a public hearing set for Tuesday, two sources on the committee told CNN.
The controversy widened as Democrats called on Nunes to step aside because of his decision to brief President Donald Trump on intelligence information he received from a source on White House grounds.
OK, what was that intelligence information?

The story does not say.

CNN ignored the real scandal of Obama spying on Trump -- just as Trump claimed in an email on March 4. For weeks CNN droned on and on about how Trump had no proof. Now that Trump does have proof

So CNN would have you believe that the scandal is Nunes telling the president he was spied on -- and not that Obama spied on a political opponent.

The media wants to make the scandal that Nunes went to Trump without informing the committee's top Democrat, Adam Schiff.

Why would Nunes tip Democrats off like that?

CNN did not even mention Obama in its report.

In a 1,200-word report on this development, the New York Times mentioned Obama.

In the last paragraph:
Mr. Nunes then defended his decision to bypass Mr. Schiff and go to the White House, saying he felt a “duty” to tell Mr. Trump because of Democrats’ “relentless” political attacks.
“If we would have crossed paths in the hall, maybe I would have said something to him,” Mr. Nunes said in an interview. “But what I was trying to do was get to the president as quick as possible.”
At that point, Mr. Trump seized on the information, saying he felt “somewhat” vindicated in his wiretapping claim against former President Barack Obama — debunked by the F.B.I. director and the director of the National Security Agency, as well as the heads of the Senate and House investigations, including Mr. Nunes.
The big scandal is that our first Marxist president abused power.

The subsidiary scandal is that the Marxist media wants to punish the victim.

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  1. The upcoming civil war (Hot) between the Constitutionalists and the Progressive Marxists will be violent and personal.

  2. What will be our Lexington moment? I'm sure it will included black masked and hooded Anarchists attacking Trump supporters.

    1. I would say the antifa moving out into red areas where citizens would resist as in CA this past weekend. As with the cascading event that caused the Arab Spring, the results go beyond the ability of any government to control. Sad but true.

  3. My favorite part is when the Democrats claim Nunes is a partisan.

  4. Comey will have to do this. Will he, I have no idea. He might. The Dems are not his friends and they have shown they are not.

  5. Anybody want to start a betting pool? Given that Obama is out of the country for about a month, which do you think will occur?

    A) When it's time for him to return to the U.S. the whole scandal will be blown over.

    B) When it's time for him to return to the U.S. the scandal will have had time to soak into the public's consciousness and the caw-caw will hit the fan.

    C) When it's time for him to return to the U.S. he will find a reason not to return.

    - Elric

    1. D) When it is time for him to return to the U.S. a number of his henchwomen (Rice, Jarrett, etc) will have left the country.

  6. Nunes has proof that Obama ordered wiretapping of Trump and his associates, presented said "evidence" to Trump and the two of them go deftly silent on the matter? Why? If Nunes has irrefutable proof, why not make it public to all? What's holding back the disclosure of this "evidence"? The Golfer in Chief has the proof he wants/needs .... let's hear it.
    BTW - how is the Pence's investigation into voter fraud going?
    You all need some fresh aluminum for your tin foil hats.

    1. He's saving it for just the right moment. Heh, heh, heh.

    2. The Golfer in Chief was evicted on January 20th.

    3. Obama played his first round of golf three months after his first inauguration. Trump has played (at least) 13 rounds of golf in 9 weeks all at his properties of course. You okay with shelling out $8 million a pop - of your tax money - every time every time Trump golfs and lines his own personal pockets at the same time?

    4. Trump actually is good at golf and goes with heads of state, CEOs, etc to discuss business. That is how MEN WHO WORK GET SHIT DONE.
      Obama only ever had SS and flunkies with him to suck him off (literally when Reggio Love was there).

    5. Your entitled to your opinion but not your own set of facts. Name the CEOs and heads of state that Trump has golfed with since becoming president?

      Strange, the White House doesn't even acknowledged that Trump plays golf - all at your expense.
      "I'm going to be working for you. I am not going to have time to golf." - Candidate Trump.
      How does it feel to be played for a fool?

      Again, time to change the tin foil hat.

    6. Shinzō Abe, Prime Minister of Japan

  7. I don't minimize Obama's likely abuse of presidential power over SpyGate, but it's a shiny toy that is likely to derail Trump's agenda if he's not careful. Congress thrives on circus-like controversy and is easily distracted from doing its job of legislating---like a kitten takes to a ball of yarn. If Trump is not careful, Congress will bring action on his change-agenda to an abrupt halt and will waste this rare opportunity to roll back the radical Left policies of Obama and the Socialists who have seized control of the Democrat Party. Congressional Republicans and Conservatives need to concentrate on undoing the harm from 8 years of assault on our individual freedoms by Obama's weaponizing of the administrative state. Pursuing Obama over his likely abuse of presidential powers will be a distraction that Congress can ill afford. Obama would like nothing better than to be the center of attention once again, especially if it serves to disrupts Trump's presidency, and we all know that Congress is incapable of focussing on more than one task at a time, particularly when it requires some serious thinking on their part.

    1. Specifically, how were your individual freedoms harmed during Obama's two terms?

    2. Anon? 1. The keep your insurance plan. 2. To keep your doctor.

    3. Sam - That's it? 8 years of Obama and you can only think of two "individual freedoms" that have been harmed. What you refer to affects a very minute part of the U.S. population.

      Old and Un - No Amendments have been infringed upon during Obama's 8 years. If true - and it's not - care to elaborate please? You won't.

    4. You are one lazy sonofagun, aren't you, Anonymous? Which letter of the imperative verb "pick" don't you get?

    5. Since Anonymous has retreated to his safe-space coloring-book, anybody else like to pick an Amendment and tell him why you were Bummed by 'Bama?

    6. The reign of Obama has increased my health insurance cost from $4000/year to $33,000/year. Whenever someone steals your money, they steal your freedom.