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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gorsuch hearing shows how weak Democrats are

How easy it is to criticize Republicans as they struggle with Obamacare. This is their biggest piece of legislation in 20 years, when they forced Clinton to agree to balance the budget.

But look across the aisle and all you see are old people. The Democratic Party Caucus is God's waiting room, as the judiciary hearing on Neil Gorsuch.

Dianne Feinstein, 83, tried to get Gorsuch and embarrassed herself:
GORSUCH: Senator, I know a case or two has been mentioned yesterday. Respectfully, I’d suggest that does not represent the body of my work. I’ve written two thousand — I’ve participate in 2,700 opinions over ten and a half years. And if you want cases where I’ve ruled for “the little guy,” as well as “the big guy,” there are plenty of those, Senator. The Ute Indian tribe —
FEINSTEIN: Would you be willing to submit some of them? It’s hard to read 2,700 cases — [crosstalk]
GORSUCH: Oh, I’ll name a bunch them right now. [crosstalk] I’m sorry, Senator, of course. Ute 5 and 6. Fletcher. The Rocky Flats case, which vindicated the rights of people who had been subject to pollution from large companies in Colorado — uranium pollution. I’d point you to the Magnesium case, similar pollution case in the  Salt Lake City area. Colorado’s effort with renewable energy; upheld that. Orr v City of Albuquerque, involving pregnancy discrimination in a police department in Albuquerque. WD Sports, a discrimination claim. Casey, Energy West, Crane, Simpson v CU, involving young women who had been harassed by the football team. AM, Browder, Sutton — I can give you a long, long list.
FEINSTEIN: That’s wonderful. We’ll find them, and we’ll read them.
GORSUCH: And Senator, the bottom line, I think is, is I’d like to convey to you from the bottom of my heart is that I’m a fair judge. And I think if you ask people in the Tenth Circuit, “Is he a fair judge?” you’re going to get the answer that you got yesterday from both Senator Bennet and Senator Gardener and from General Katyal, and the same answer you got from Senator Allard and Senator Salazar ten years ago. And Senator, I can’t guarantee you more than that — but I can promise you absolutely nothing less.
The only question is did her staff not do its homework or did she sleep through their briefing?

Dick Durbin, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, brought up a Fake News story from NPR that falsely accused Gorsuch of implying women manipulate maternity benefits.

From Legal Insurrection:
“Do you believe that there are ever situations where the cost of maternity leave to an employer can justify an employer asking only female applicants and not male applicants about family plans?” Sen. Durbin asked.
To which Gorsuch sternly replied, “those are not my words and I would never had said them.”
“I didn’t say that,” said Durbin, “I asked you if you agreed with this statement.”
“And I’m telling you I don’t,” Gorsuch scowled.
This is the best the 48 members of the Democratic Party Caucus.

Those are its sluggers.

I am not impressed.

Nor worried.

The dimwits keep opposing everything and anything. By not choosing their battles carefully, they come off as a bunch of poor losers, and if there is anything Americans hate, it is a loser.

To be sure, they have the votes to slow Republican action. But Democrats are setting themselves up for what could be historic -- big losses in a mid-term election by the party out of power!

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  1. For those informed, you are correct on 2018. But the MSM, the mouthpiece for the Democrats, will cover the Democrats and the uninformed voters may still follow their biased news.

  2. We can't forget:

    Al Franken, the younger committee approved Dimm waterboy and potential presidential candidate of 2020, who walked away with the self-proclaimed/earned title of "Absurdity Examiner."

    Did anyone ever ask the following question:
    "How do (air) brakes on a semi trailer 'freeze up'?" Can they?

    1. (Hint:) cf. History/Discovery channel's "Alaskan Ice Road Truckers" for examples of how they work in really really cold weather and ice.

    2. I learn more from my readers than they ever learn from me.
      Thank you

  3. I certainly hope you are right about 2018 -- but I am afraid everything is working against the GOP currently (via Ryan and McConnell who are not leaders and downright depressing to anyone in the same party with them -- meaning Ryan is a huge Obama defender and Trump critic, so it's hard to trust him, or at least not be very very suspicious of anything he does or says, like supporting all the money Obama wanted for his exec orders and McConnell, who, and kudos, held strong on the Biden rule may or may not come through, considering that he doesn't want to get rid of the 60 vote rule and keeping in mind he seems to want to make sure nobody ever investigates voting fraud in America).

    What this column does well is point out how bad the Democrat propagandizing is. It doesn't note how bad the GOP leadership is. In what way do I mean?

    Well, the Democrats are keeping their potential voters enthused, even as they fail ... and Ryan and McConnell fight the GOP and have no use or respect for any of their voters.

    It's very depressing right now. I won't stay home in 2018 -- but I worry that a lot of Republicans may if nothing gets done.

  4. The Dems' deep bench is approaching six feet under.

  5. I am surprised Feinstein didn't Cut him off partway through his answer. This has been a democrat staple when being embarrassed with an answer to their gotcha questions.

    Franken played the fool he is. Durbin likewise. What a bench.

  6. Trump needs a victory or two. the drumbeat against him continues unabated. today the WSJ compared him to an alcoholic street bum. Perhaps the never trump virus has now morphed into rabies. Is it from frustration in knowing they cannot really stop him without lying the country into enough hatred to get someone to try and kill him? I think so.
    A Manhattan elite writer whose job was at one time to destroy promising careers on Broadway as cruelly as possible said recently that the Democrats should abandon the idea of pleasing Hillbillies as he called Trump voters and continue to stoke their own anger, keep it hot. It is the only force they have, and they love it, self destructive as it is known to be.

  7. "The Democratic Party Caucus is God's waiting room." I beg to differ. The Democratic Party Caucus is Satan's waiting room. A more nefarious bunch is not to be found. - Elric

  8. I thought it was because he was that much smarter than them, but your take works as well.

    "The Democratic Party Caucus is God's waiting room".

    Now that's a great line.

  9. Judge G is absolutely slaying the Democrats. He is much better prepared than they are.

  10. Replies
    1. Wow, she looks a lot older than 83...

    2. DiFi makes Dorian Gray's portrait look good.

  11. "Gorsuch hearing shows how weak Democrats are"

    Yep, and how dumb as well.