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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Good news! Rich Lowry declares Trumpism in crisis

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, declared Trumpism is in trouble.

That should be a relief to any worry worts, because Lowry has been wrong about Trump all along. If he says Trump is in trouble, then Trump must be doing well.

Lowry wrote in Politico:
If things continue to go badly, it’s easy to see Trump turning to the New York Democrats in his White House. This would entail less emphasis on trade and immigration and fights with the mainstream media, and more emphasis on a non-ideological economic boosterism. The loose antecedent for this scenario is Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who swept into office in California as a drain-the-swamp reformer after winning a populist crusade, and then re-calibrated to accommodate the system after suffering politically damaging setbacks.
Schwarzenegger. Isn't he the guy who tried to be The Donald on "The Apprentice," and who failed miserably?

But my point is, Lowry has been so wrong about Donald Trump for so long that we should take as the opposite anything Lowry says about Trump.

Let us take a journey down memory lane, shall we?

In a November 12, 2015, column -- "The Pundits Have It All Wrong. Ted Cruz Is a Real Threat For the Nomination" -- Lowry wrote:
Donald Trump, as you might expect, gets more coverage than warranted by his polling. So does Bush. It’s as though the media still haven’t been able to adjust the level of coverage of the former Florida governor to account for their erroneous initial presumption that he’d probably be the nominee.
At the time, Trump was in the mid-20s in the polls -- or four times the numbers for Cruz or Bush.

But facts are optional for Washington pundits.

In January 2016, Lowry edited the "Against Trump" issue of National Review in which the magazine posed athwart history to gin up controversy and sales.

He promoted the special issue on the Megyn Kelly show and in Politico, in a January 22, 2016, column, headlined, "Inside the ‘Against Trump’ Issue."

He wrote:
We knew the issue would get a reaction, yet even we have been surprised at the attention it has received and the debate it has engendered. On Friday, the cover was plastered all over cable news. And of course it was inevitable that as soon as the issue was posted, Trump — per usual — called us losers on Twitter.
Trump insists that National Review doesn't matter and acts as if he has barely heard of us, but at the same time he spends an inordinate amount of time responding to what we and our writers say. It was particularly rich that Trump invoked William F. Buckley Jr. in one of his tweets, apparently unaware that Buckley hated crude populism and had called Trump a "narcissist" and "demagogue" back in 2000. Nothing has changed in the ensuing 15 years.
I applaud that marketing plan.

(By the way, throughout the campaign, National Review called Trump an ape, a clown, the fuhrer, and the like, complaining any time Trump responded in kind.)

Lowry ended that column:
Amid all the criticism, we have gotten an outpouring of support from conservatives who believe this needed to be said and are grateful that we said it. Several hundred readers have sent donations because they understand that this is what National Review exists to do — to plant the flag for conservatism, without fear or favor, even if it drives a certain real estate mogul and his acolytes crazy.
"Without fear or favor"?

Boo. Hiss. It's imitation Byron ("Without, or with, offence to friends or foes, I sketch your world exactly as it goes").

Of course, PC Conservatives virtue signal like any lefty. Why do you think they are called PC?

The plan was to have Trump lose in the general election, and have Never Trumpers take the party back over again for a run in 2020 by a real conservative.

In an October 20, 2016 column -- "Don’t blame Never Trump for Trump’s failure" -- Lowry wrote:
It was never right to call Never Trump a movement; it is a motley collection of conservative commentators, political professionals, policy experts and a handful of politicians who had the (not particularly stunning) foresight to see that Trump would be the weakest and most vulnerable of the Republican general-election candidates and the (not particularly acute) discernment to recognize in him qualities unsuited to the presidency.
But then three weeks patriotic Americans elected Trump president, which showed once and for all how inaccurate and ineffective his critics were.

President Trump is the first president since Lincoln not to get a honeymoon from the press. Indeed, just about all of Washington opposed him, as it was a decidedly Southern town.

Our problems today pale compared to civil war and abolition.

But the treachery lives on.

Washington does not want President Trump to succeed, and Lowry is a creature of Washington. The hate of Trump has blinded Lowry and his kind.

And so I am not upset by him. Indeed, he has his moments of insight.

Just not when it comes to Trump.

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  1. I was a HUGE fan of William F Buckley. He was responsible for my never-ending fascination of politics, and cemented my conservative beliefs with wit and wisdom. I was hooked after watching him spar with Gore Vidal in the 1968 election cycle, while just a kid of 14 years old.

    Even subscribed to National Review for many years.

    But Lowery and his crew have ruined a once fine magazine, and lost the respect of many conservatives.

    The best thing Trump has done is shine the light on who is, and who is not, a true conservative, defined as a believer in a limited government, a government of laws, not of men, and a belief that the American taxpayer should not subsidize liberal progressive B.S. such as climate change, transgender rights, and crony capitalism.

    Lowery and his crew are far too often on the opposite side of that equation.

  2. I love it when Don quotes Byron Leftwich! Wait, it wasn't that Byron? Oh well, never mind!

  3. 2 items off Breitbart yesterday tell us who really lost.

    Ryan's trying to resuscitate RyanCare.


    His approval has gone through the floor boards.

  4. Lowry, now in BOTH NR and Politico! Oh, how the "think they are mighty" have fallen.

  5. Lowery said "several hundred readers have sent donations" while at the same time, several thousand cancelled subscriptions and tens of thousands (me included) vowed to never knowingly give NR a click while the ARROGANTSIA (I just invented that word) are running the show.

    1. You beat me to it, Schlongy!

      Isn't it funny that Lowry said "several hundred," when their readership used to be way, way higher- it's almost as if Lowry wanted to say, "thousands" but knew that he'd be laughed at when the lie was recognized (which would be almost immediately!)

      I too once had a subscription to that once-great mag; now the scales have been ripped from my eyes, and I can see the sad, putrid reality. They are simply establishment lackeys, and no one will give them a sock. Sad!

  6. Huffington Post girlie-man issues challenge, gets accepted, runs away screaming.