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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Electricity is a sign of freedom

Last night was Earth Hour in which superstitious liberals demonized the use of electricity like tribal shamans fearing modern innovations such as indoor plumbing.

Using electricity will anger the gods and cause winter to become summer, and the seas to rise.

But electricity is a gift of the One and Only True God to man to power hospitals, schools, and supermarkets. Our lives are better and longer thanks to Ben Franklin's discovery (largely) of electricity, and its development in the 19th century.

Only backward countries run by despots turn their back on electricity.

The use of electricity is a good sign of freedom.

The top three users of electricity on a per capita basis are, in order, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

Of course the next four are Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar -- air-conditioned oil fiefdoms. Nevertheless, the next nine are free: Canada, Finland, Sweden, the United States, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Cayman Islands, Australia, and South Korea.

Then comes Saudi Arabia.

At the other end of the list are the despotic countries.

The average South Korean uses 16 times as much electricity as the average North Korean.

And guess what? The average North Korean uses 16 times (or more) as much electricity as the average person in six other countries. In fact, people in 61 countries are worse off than the North Koreans.

OK, fine, your alarm clock radio uses more electricity than the average person in Chad uses in a year. People did OK without TV for millenniums.

But that average includes use by hospitals.

Which helps explain why Chad with the lowest use of electricity in the world also happens to have the lowest life expectancy: 49.81 years at birth.

Iceland -- the biggest user of electricity per capita -- is sixth in life expectancy at 82.97 years.

So a kid born in Chad can expect to live to be 50, while the kid in Iceland has a 50/50 chance of making it to 83.

But hey, let's turn our back on electricity because politicians know nothing about photosynthesis and think carbon dioxide is a pollutant.

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  1. Fossil fuels are fine and dandy for the time being. Drill, baby, drill! But nuclear fusion is the future. Couple that with the rediscovery of Tesla's wireless power distribution system and we'll have it made in the shade. - Elric

    1. Why send electricty through the air when air is 4000 times more resistant to the flow of electricity?
      1870 pipedreams are so coll

  2. Of course, without electricity, our atmosphere would be smokey and smelly from all the wood, coal, oil, whale oil, gas fires providing heat, cooking and....light.

    And no one would be willing to put out the light for an hour as fires are a pain in the arse to get going and keep going. Although, the conical section waste paper basket does seem to be very good at fostering fire, ironic.

  3. I wonder if the leftist above gave a second thought before comparing an African to a coffee maker.

    1. Why not? Ethiopia is where the coffee plant originated. The mountain tribes of that country have a long tradition of growing coffee. Coffee is Ethiopia's gift to the world.

    2. I'm off the celebrate the gift.

  4. "But hey, let's turn our back on electricity because politicians know nothing about photosynthesis and think carbon dioxide is a pollutant."
    There are a lot of idiots in this world.

  5. This is why you should keep you Christmas light decorations up until March and, like blogger Tim Blair, have a counter-Earth-Hour celebration called the "Hour of Power".

    Because, I mean, what else is Earth Hour than "North Korea From Space" Hour?

  6. "So a kid born in Chad can expect to live to be 50, while the kid in Iceland has a 50/50 chance of making it to 83." Chad, doing its part to keep down "global" population.

  7. As a licensed nuclear reactor operator in the Navy and shift supervisor and senior operator for a GE facility, I saw that while nuclear is great, the management may not be. I have tried to get the supervisors and operators, as with the air flight controllers, be government employees since a supervisor and operator have two main responsibilities that can be mutually exclusive for those who worry too much about their jobs; make a profit by operating the unit but do it safely. As I have done, if you evac the facility based on instruments while you "know" the actual indications are incorrect because of welding interference as had happened in the past, but you can't get a confirmation, safety comes first, but your ass is hanging out. Profits just took a hit.
    What ifs can kill people.
    Solar energy via stationary satellites would be environmental best. Microwave transmission to Death Valley could supply the West Coast, if the greens would allow a receiving station. While efficient and just wonderfully efficient, a meteorite strike or a hacker could change its direction and end up frying LA since such concentrated energy would be a Death Ray, so to speak. As I wrote, what ifs can kill you.

    1. You said, "...a meteorite strike or a hacker could change its direction and end up frying LA," but are there any drawbacks to such a scheme?

      That would be wonderful for the environment, to eliminate so many enviromentalists all at once! Is there any chance we could take out San Franciso too?

      (Yes, this is tongue-in-cheek, at least a little.)

  8. Expensive energy kills people, especially the poor. Limo liberals are freaking hypocrites.

    1. But expensive energy doesn't kill rich people and can even make them a pile of money, risk-free if they have the right Democrat connections:

  9. Two things, first, I checked his account, and he also has up a set of graphics about median age for Europe and Africa. Much of Africa has a median age under 30. Europe's media age is late 30's to late 40's except for notable exception, Turkey with Africa like ages. Germany leads the pack with a median age of 46.1 which is why Merkel is importing jihadists, they help thin the herd.

    1. Second is my take away that the liberals don't so much care about the planet as they worry that the natural resources may be consumed by us lessers, leaving their grandchildren with less of what they feel we are not entitled to.

  10. Stupidity is like radiation. It does not grant super-powers.

  11. Some people celebrate Alpha Proxima day then by turning everything on, and attempting to outshine our nearest neighbors, Alpha and Proxima Centauri.
    Others celebrate Human Achievement Day in the same fashion.

  12. I think calestous juma should move to ethiopia, being the energy hog that he is. Go now calestous, you pontificating shallow hypocritical lightweight bloviating moron