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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Don Quixote wins in West Virginia

The West Virginia Senate voted to end an $8 million-a-year subsidy of a technology that in 400 years has yet to prove itself as an efficient and reliable way to generate electricity.

In so doing, lawmakers also will better protect bats, birds, and bald eagles because the loss of the subsidy will mean fewer windmills. The huge steel blades of the modern windmill slash and kill thousands and thousands of airborne mammals and birds each year.
David Beard of the Dominion Post reported the bill "repeals a 2001 tax credit for wind power tax credit that allows wind power equipment to be taxed at salvage value – 5 percent – based on qualifying as pollution control equipment."

The State Journal reported,
Sen. Randy Smith, R-Tucker, and chairman of the Senate’s committee on energy, mining and industry, said eliminating the tax break would increase revenue by about $8 million a year beginning in 2019. More than half the money would go to county commissions and county school systems.
The state is struggling to balance its budget after the governor estimate state revenues will shrink roughly 8 percent next year.

The State Journal also reported:
But Sen. Corey Palumbo, D-Kanawha, spoke against the bill. Palumbo questioned the constitutionality of offering business tax breaks in the first place, but asked why the wind farm tax break was being singled out when the state offers similar tax breaks to other industries.
“We should end it for everyone,” Palumbo said.
Good idea, Corey. Why haven't he pushed for such legislation in his 14 years as a legislator?

Oh wait, it is a good idea and the last time a Democrat in West Virginia had a good idea was adding the bow season for deer hunting.

The Quixote law moves on to the House.

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  1. You wrote "The huge steal blades" Don---and that's just what they are. They steal our money, steal residents who live nearby of peace and quiet, and steal birds of their lives.

    1. As far as I know, all the big ones are made of composites. Steel would weigh too much, and the energy needed to get them moving is astronomical. The composite ones droop over time if they are not rotating, so when they are stilled by doldrums, power is required to then rotate them slowly to prevent that happening.
      Wind mills though aren't all bad. Yes, we are losing a number of raptors, but prairie chickens are rebounding because of the thinning of the raptor flocks. Once again, government interference creating a solution where there is no problem, or creating a bigger problem to solve a small one.

    2. I see all of those windmills along I-70 when I drive through your state Jeremy. It makes me wonder how much money is being wasted on them.

    3. DSW, I hate to think how mush taxpayer money went into them.
      Small wind mills, in my opinion are ok, home owner type stuff, but from what I have seen, the big ones are not profitable at the current rate per KWH. Coal, nukes, heck, I'd be for trying low pressure ones fired by burning garbage. It would cut down on land fill space, eliminate seepage into ground water, and maybe save a few dollars in the cost to transport trash.

    4. Where I lived in Livermore, CA the harmonic signature of the windmills, according to dairymen, caused dairy cattle to produce less milk.

    5. Where I lived in Livermore, CA the harmonic signature of the windmills, according to dairymen, caused dairy cattle to produce less milk.

  2. Eliminate ALL taxpayer subsidies. If a business or industry is unable to survive without taxpayer $$$ they deserve to go under. - Elric

    1. That includes coal and natural gas businesses. I don't see Sen. Smith - who is employed in coal business - to take you up on your suggestion.

    2. Agreed. Unless perhaps it is critical to national defense - and even then I wonder - no subsidies for any businesses AT ALL.

  3. Palumbo tried to protect all the wildlife when he said "Don't nobody leave town".

  4. Maybe your governor will eat the remains of the windmills. Roughage.

  5. Yay Craig Blair! My state Senator. Let's see if Diamond Jim vetoes it, unmasking himself as a typical Leftist, and then we take the gloves off and beat his fat ass.