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Saturday, March 18, 2017

D.C. is Dummkopf City

When I read this from Breitbart, I laughed:
The Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) report on the House Republicans’ healthcare plan says the included provision to defund Planned Parenthood would result in “additional births stemming from the reduced access” to “services that help women avert pregnancies.”
Duh, geniuses.

That's the whole point.

For some reason, though, the Einsteins in the federal government thought they had to warn America that not paying for abortions will mean fewer abortions.

Maybe Planned Parenthood should just do them pro bono.

The people pushing for taxpayer-funded abortions are pro-abortion.

The people opposed are anti-abortion.

But what do you expect from the CBO? These geniuses also said that not requiring people to buy health insurance will -- wait for it -- mean fewer people will have health insurance.

They have credentials from the best universities, and yet they will fall seemingly for anything as long as it advances the agenda of more and more government.

D.C. is the town where people think carbon dioxide -- a nutrient on which life on this planet depends -- is a pollutant.

D.C. is the town where people think a president who spied on reporters, congressmen, and foreign leaders could not have possibly spied on the presidential candidate of the opposition party.

D.C. is the town where people think you can bribe President Trump by staying one night at his hotel -- but Hillary Clinton soliciting $25 million in "donations" from the House of Saud while she was Secretary of State was perfectly OK.

We are $19 trillion in debt because we let stupid people with flashy credentials run the country.

Thankfully, we changed that on November 8.

That's the day more babies stopped being killed in the womb, people no longer had to buy health insurance, and the fascism of a president engaged in domestic espionage ended.

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  1. You need to be a contributor on FNC and FBN at the very least, Don! Such succinct statements of fact masquerading as opinion need to reach an even bigger audience!

    1. My Dad was grossly dyslexic. He got through med school by memorizing what was said in lectures and having my mom read the textbooks to him. Sometimes this sneaks up on me. It took three readings of your comment to notice that my brain was reversing the order of "fact" and "opinion" in your comment.
      I attended every lecture in school, too.

  2. DC sucks. DC blows. DC bites the big one. There is a herd mentality there that you wouldn't believe. There is more free thinking in Falling Waters, WV than in Georgetown.

    1. In Georgetown, they have to be paid to think. Even then they do it badly.

  3. PP is a 501c3 organization. If libs want babies dead so badly they can pony up the money themselves, rather than force Christians at the point of a bayonet to do so.
    Liberalism has always been about getting acceptance of their vices, followed by coerced endorsement, followed by coerced subsidy. It's all about getting someone else to pay for their sins, and it has to be you. Jesus isn't good enough. They want dollars. It's all about the Benjamins.

  4. Noticed that one, too. Maybe fewer people going to Hell might be another result.

  5. D.C. Is short for dumbcoff (Americanized spelling).

  6. Abortion is the most expensive form of birth control there is.