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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Day Without A Woman shows feminism not needed

First, to all the women who went to work today, thank you.

Today, feminists went on strike with A Day Without A Woman protest.

Nothing better illustrates the uselessness of feminism in the 21st century.
These women went on strike for one day to prove how important they are.

A few schools closed. That was pretty much it. So the day had all the impact of a snow day.

Sadly, the gals at "The View" showed up for work.

What is more interesting is what did not shut down: coal mines, factories, fire departments, fisheries, and lumber operations.

That is because after a half-century of equal opportunity for women, there are still men's jobs and women's jobs. That is by choice, and for very good reason.

Women dominate certain fields. Women are:
95% of all Secretaries and Administrative Assistants
94% of all Childcare Workers
91% of all Receptionists and Information Clerks
91% of all Teacher Assistants
90% of all Registered Nurses
89% of all Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks
88% of all Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners
Women avoid certain fields. Men are:
99.9% of all Brickmasons, Blockmasons, and Stonemasons
99.7% of all Drywall Installers, Ceiling Tile Installers, and Tapers
99.7% of all Mining Machine Operators
99.5% of all Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists
99.5% of all Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installers and Repairers
99.5% of all First-Line Supervisors of Fire Fighting and Prevention Workers
99.2% of all Tool and Die Makers
This is by choice. After more than two generations of encouraging girls to be anything they want to be, guess what? Girls want to be teachers, nurses and office workers. Boys want to be coal miners and firemen.

Oh wait, make that firefighter. My gosh we cannot stereotype a field that is 99% male as being male.

Heaven help us if we ever told the truth instead of pretending things are someone's wet dream perfection from an unnatural universe.

Yes, I get that if a woman entered a field dominated by men, she would get razzed.

Guess what? A man would too. That's what men do. They razz the new guy. They want to see what he is made of, so they know if they can trust the guy. Will he have my back?

The importance of that is greater in a coal mine or on a utility pole in the icy cold at midnight than it is in a classroom. Life and death work that way.

So people chose their occupations, and good for the women who cut trees with the men like one of my female relatives did. And also good for the male nurse I am related to. The woman is quite feminine and the male is quite masculine. It's just a job.

Now after five decades after feminism, you have to wonder why we suddenly need A Day Without A Woman.

It cannot be for equal pay. That has been the law of the land for 54 years now.

It cannot be for child support because the law is that the father is on the hook until the kid is 18.

It cannot be abortion on demand because that has been the law of the land for 44 years.

But why be coy?

We know that A Day Without A Woman is just another attempt to protest the election of Donald Trump as president.

He took 30 states -- the most of any presidential candidate in 20 years. People voted for him because they reject liberalism, neo-conservationism, and globalism.

One of the organizers of this nihilistic protest is Rasmea Yousef Odeh. That shows the day was not about women, but rather about radical protest.

From The Blaze:
[Odeh] is a Palestinian woman who was convicted in Israel in 1970 for helping to plan and carry out two terrorist bombings, one of which resulted in the deaths of two Israeli students who were grocery shopping at the time. She spent 10 years in prison for her crimes. She was an alleged former member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which is a designated terrorist group. She was also convicted for her role in the bombing of a British consulate.
In 2004, she lied about her past criminal record and succeeded in becoming a United States citizen. She was ultimately convicted of immigration fraud in 2014 but won the right to a new trial, scheduled to take place in Spring 2017. She convinced the judge to grant a new trial by claiming PTSD led her to falsify her application for citizenship.
What we need is A Day Without A Terrorist -- and have Odeh, Bill Ayers, and all their other liberal terrorist buddies leave the country.

Women are important to the country. But so are men. A Day Without A Man would be devastating.

But it will not happen. Most men are responsible.

As are most women, which is why there was so little disruption today.

One more thing, were any abortion clinics closed due to A Day Without A Woman?

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  1. Most of the women marching today are rich white guilt-ridden liberals who have no job to begin with, with the exception of many teachers.

    IMHO instead of shutting down any schools, school boards should have hit each teacher absent w/o a written doctor's order with a 3 day suspension w/o pay. Even teachers' unions and contracts recognize "unexcused absence".

  2. A Day Without Stupid Useless Incompetent Liberal Moron Women

  3. Don, I got to wondering what are the numbers on women in HR jobs? (Since that wasn't on your list.)
    I found:

  4. A tribute to all HR ladies everywhere:

    "It's Pamn"

  5. I am reading this post humming the Monty Python Lumberjack song.

  6. What if there was a Day Without Women and the world kept on functioning just fine?

    Imagine the reverse:

    Honey, did you get my brakes fixed today?
    No, this is the Day Without Men day today.
    But I have a salon appointment!
    Change it then.

    Any Christian knows that the Lord designed us to be partners, helping each other using our different but equally valuable gifts. This nonsense today is an affront to God. It's not good to incite His wrath.

  7. Men have been taking care of biz since the beginning of time.

  8. I've always believed in equal pay for equal work, but I insist on the equal work.

  9. We have a Day Without Women every year---it's called President's Day.