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Friday, March 31, 2017

Alec Baldwin gives up mocking Trump

Alec Baldwin has the sadz.

He thought he could do to Donald Trump what Tina Fey did to Sarah Palin, and mock Trump out of existence.

Instead, The Donald is now President Trump -- and Alec Baldwin is headed for the exit.

Mission Unaccomplished for Alec Baldwin.

The Daily Mail reported Alec Baldwin likely will no longer imitate President Trump on "Saturday Night Live."

Once again, starting a feud with Donald Trump is a low percentage move. Ask Rosie O'Donnell. Ask Mark Cuban. Ask whatshername, First Lady Clinton.

I will explain why Alec Baldwin failed, but first let us recall the timeline.

Last fall, Alec Baldwin was on top of the world, ma, as he drew more raves than a Friday night in Los Angeles.

From Slate:
Why Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump Impression Rankles Trump More Than Other SNL Impersonations of Him
From New Yorker:
Alec Baldwin Is a Perfect Donald Trump
From Huffington Post:
Alec Baldwin Kills It With Hilarious Donald Trump Impression On ‘SNL’
And so on, and so forth. CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post did stories every week praising Baldwin's impersonation.

This was Fake News.

And like all the Fake News the Marxist Media piled on The Donald last year, it did not work.

To explain, we start with their premise that the show is cutting edge satire.

From Atlantic:
Despite a long history of political satire, Saturday Night Live hasn’t had a very strong election cycle over the past year, largely because of its failure to capture Donald Trump. Last season, the show treated the GOP presidential candidate with much the same detached bemusement as the Republican establishment: As played by Darrell Hammond, he was a cartoon bully — an arch, if crude, provocateur who couldn’t possibly ascend to the presidency.
But this version of Trump bore little resemblance to the so-called demagogue at a forefront of an unprecedented political movement. So, over the summer, the show made a major change — and this weekend, Hammond’s self-satisfied smirk was replaced with the gargoyle scowl of Alec Baldwin.
It turned out that Baldwin, who appeared in the show’s cold open satirizing the first presidential debate, was just the jolt the SNL needed (and it translated to big ratings).
The show is defined by its coverage of election years, from Phil Hartman’s chummy, hungry Bill Clinton in 1992 to Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush saying “strategery” in 2000 to, of course, Sarah Palin seeing Russia from her house. While the show’s previous iteration of Trump was slammed for being chummy and toothless, Baldwin’s new take felt loaded with venom.
The reality is SNL is Establishment Comedy just as Jack Benny, Jackie Gleason, and Red Skelton were back in 1968.

Bob Hope had been at NBC for 34 years by then.

This is the 42nd season of SNL.

Jack Benny, Phyllis Diller, and Bob Hope doing a skit dressed up as hippies had about as much impact on young people as, well, Alec Baldwin dressed up like Trump.

The ratings were high? So were Hope's.

From the Daily Mail:
Alec Baldwin has suggested Donald Trump is 'satire resistant' as he confirmed he may retire his impersonation of the president in a few weeks.
The 58-year-old Hollywood star said he was unsure if he would continue playing Mr Trump on Saturday Night Live after the series finale on May 20.
Baldwin's portrayal of the president has helped the US sketch show to its highest ratings in years, while Mr Trump has branded the impression 'mean spirited'.
Baldwin said he is considering quitting the role because he believed people would no longer be 'in the mood to laugh' about Mr Trump in the coming months.

Asked how much longer he intended to play the US president, Baldwin told the British Press Association: "Not much longer."
The money quote:
"If everything stays the same in this country as it is now, I don't think people will be in the mood to laugh about it come September. We'll be around the corner to the one-year anniversary of the election this fall. I think people will be in a completely different frame of mind. We'll see if this is actually the first satire-resistant president."
Thanks for the memory.


Satire resistant?

To be satirical, one has to challenging the Establishment, not selling its point of view. What SNL pushes is sarcasm and politicized ridicule, not comedy.

Maybe Alec Baldwin realizes that now.

Likely not. He does not seem all that bright.

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  1. I don't recall the last time I watched SNL; likely, early '80s.
    " 'Tain't funny, McGee."

  2. His agent is telling him it is getting to the point that he will be identified in the public's mind as "that guy who does Trump" which will hurt his other gigs both in getting them and getting paid. His current "work" is that of the voice of a baby in a cartoon movie. With Democrats it is always at root about money.

  3. Belushi, Aykroyd, Murray, Radner, et al was the Golden Era of SNL, and they largely kept politics out of it. Cheeboogah Cheeboogah was one of the great skits of all time. The show just isn't funny any more.

    1. Kept politics out of it? You don't remember Chevy Chase portraying Ford as a stupid, clumsy oaf? Or Ackroyd portraying Jimmah Carter? The difference was the satire wasn't mean like it is now. It appeared more evenhanded. GOC

  4. The Trump Pug skit was funny. The Scott Spicer bit with Melissa McCarthy is funny (not as funny as the pug, but funny).

    The Alec Baldwin Trump is only funny to those who already despise Trump. But if you watch it and aren't of that mindset already is gets old fast.

    Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of material to spin comedy gold from Trump, but SNL ain't doing it.

  5. Will not watch the show, but did see two Baldwin clips. They sucked. Only a doofus would think that making the president out to be a doofus is funny. Great humor has a touch of reality to it. Baldwin's pathetic performance was pure poppycock.

  6. Bob Hope had his putter, SNL has its putz.

  7. Anyone who spends time watching that unfunny show is a Saturday Night Loser, SNL.

  8. Top headline on Yahoo news right now:
    "Melania Trump should divorce President says Rosie O'Donnell"

    It's an insult to #FakeNews to call this #FakeNews

    And Bob Hope,Phyllis Diller and Jack Benney -- unlike Alec Baldwin -- were funny.

  9. the key to understanding all the comedy shows, including the tonight show opening skit, is that they never, and i mean never, ridiculed obama. Once i saw that I stopped watching every single one of them.

  10. I was in high school when SNL started. It was never really that funny. Back in the day it was edgy and counterculture, now it's mainstream liberal establishment.

  11. There are a lot of Baldwins who look too much alike, so I may be wrong on this Baldwin, but doesn't he usually play heavies or at least serious, unsmiling, roles?

    What I'm thinking -- about why his Trump impression really does come off as mean and hate-filled, rather than funny, is that he's not a comic and he's not having a laugh at Trump the audience is invited to share. He doesn't get the joke, he hates and wants to rip Trump's head off is what he projects.

    Jimmy Fallon did a funny Trump bit involving mirror images that Trump even participated in. Fallon was smiling and joking and it was funny.

  12. SNL stopped being funny years ago and Baldwin is a douchebag.

    1. SNL lost any humor decades ago and is now just an insulting and chikldish display of toilet comedy.