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Sunday, March 12, 2017

14th Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment"

I learn a lot from the reviews of  "Trump the Establishment." Readers observe things I missed -- in my own book!

Take this, the latest review at Amazon -- and I encourage readers to please, please, please post reviews. I failed to make the connection between Bobby Knight and Donald Trump.

From Rurallbob:
An exposé of the media at their "best"
This is a great book. After reading Trump the Press, I was eager to read this and preordered it for my Kindle as soon as it was available. Like the first book, it is astonishing to read how wrong so many people can be about so many things. What is more troubling, I believe, is that the "mainstream" media continues their shenanigans in spite of having been called out on the behavior (which, no doubt, is providing fodder for a third book). I have been troubled by the "us against them" mentality that seems to pervade nearly everything nowadays and there is no question, in my mind, that the media is complicit in this. What has become important is not reporting the news, but generating page views. Internet frenzy = page views. I watched the "media" cover Bob Knight for over 30 years so I am familiar with the ways that stories can be spun to make someone look as bad as possible. In this book, Don Surber reveals how extreme the behavior can be. A sad commentary on what our society has become, but an excellent commentary by Surber.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the review.

Knight and Trump share two things in common. 1. The media maligns them. 2. They win.

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  1. Trump was probably the first republican ever endorsed by Knight. At one rally knight said he didn't give a damn about the republican party. The crowd cheered.