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Saturday, March 11, 2017

13th Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment"

A longtime reader warmed a cold afternoon with a nice review of "Trump the Establishment," which I share with readers.

From Laurence F. Sheldon Jr.:
Never bet against Donald John Trump
"Trump: Part Two of..." or as Don Surber chose to call it, "Trump the Establishment" (a better title, it leaves more room for creative choice for the next installment) is as you would expect from Mr. Surber, information dense.
What surprised me (a person who considered himself pretty well-read in matters Trump) was the number of times I found myself saying "I didn't know that".
The first chapter is a recitation of the familiar litany from "First they said he would not run." to "... but he prevailed because the American people were fed up with the elitists."
Thinking back to the early stages of the trek to the inauguration, I think I favored Marco Rubio -- I know I bought one of his water bottles from the pitch-pipe press performance of "He needed a drink of water, there goes his campaign down the drain.*"
Then (I think) I favored Ted Cruz for a number of well-founded reasons, many of which are still valid in spite of his efforts.
But somewhere in the process I realized that Donald Trump is the kind of man that resembles the kind of boss that in my lifetime I found to be the best bosses in the string of many bosses in my life. Mr. Surber's third chapter reminded me that the best of the many bosses that I have worked-for (some three or four) shared some characteristics with Mr. Trump--among them the puzzling fact that the best of them were not very well liked by a lot of people. I recall one boss about whom I was frequently heard to say "I would sure as ...l rather work FOR him than work for the guy he is fighting with."
That third chapter ("Donald Trump--CEO") is the first one that made me realize that I did not know him as well as I thought I did, but curiously, it also made me realize what I good choice I had made.
I am tempted to go through the book and review each chapter, but mercifully (because I don't write as well) I will not.
Buy the book and see for yourself. You will be glad you did. The last chapter ("The Acting President") is alone worth the price.
*It did turn out to be metaphor for the Rubio campaign--the bottle is made out of aluminum and keeps its contents at whatever the local temperature is.
Thank you, Mister Sheldon. Your kind words certainly are helpful.

I hope other readers write reviews.

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