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Monday, February 06, 2017

What the Super Bowl taught the NFL

Tom Brady, Lady Gaga, and President Bush schooled the NFL on Sunday. I wonder if the people running the league will learn.

Most of America scorned Brady and Gaga going into the game.

Brady is dogged by rumors of cheating, actual cheating, and winning. His support for President Trump drove over the edge sportswriters who want to be as respectable as political columnists. Having done both, let me state for the record, sportswriters more respected.

But Brady is a Patriot and a patriot, and that half of the country that supports Trump got behind him and his team -- holding their noses in most cases.

His refusal to lose was inspiring. He played with a purpose: to get back at commissioner Roger Goodell.

Brady and his team became lovable villains. Everyone had to appreciate the gut check they did.

Then there was Lady Gaga. She was supposed to make some sort Meryl Streep political speech.

Instead she followed up her outstanding performance of the National Anthem at last year's Super Bowl with a knockout, patriotic performance at half time this year.

And yes, she sang, "Born This Way." It enhanced her performance. Conservatives are more open minded than liberals.

Then there was President Bush flipping the coin just days after escaping the hospital. The World War II hero is a throwback to a more gentlemanly time.

Finally, there was that Hyundai commercial in which a Korean car company not only brought the game to soldiers overseas, the company brought the families.

It was the biggest comeback in American sports history wrapped in a love of country -- be you a Trump fan (Brady) or a Clinton fan (Gaga) or a fan of neither (Bush).

Contrast and compare to the Colin Kaepernick debacle this season. His team finished second-to-last (Thank God for the Browns).

Goodell should have stood up to Kaepernick. His protests were on company time. Kaepernick was the face of the NFL for most of the season.

The lesson from Super Bowl LI is country first. I suggest a league that penalizes players for celebrating touchdowns penalize those who dishonor the nation. He can say what he wants off the field. On the field, though, he represents the NFL.


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  1. I didn't watch it; don't care for football. Sounds like a heckuva game, though.

  2. Best line. They will penalize for celebrating on the field, but not for using it as a platform for protest.
    The whole notion of free speech as a defense of Goodell's politics (and that's what it is--it is the speech HE chose to allow) doesn't pass the stink test.

  3. Very people discuss this, however, the Chinese new year was last week. It's the year of the Irony Rooster.

    Gung Hay Fat Choy fellow rice people.

  4. I hope the NFL begins making amends to America by taking Goodell to some marsh in New Jersey....leave the gun, take the Lombardi....

  5. And God bless those lovable losers - the Falcons. They played their hearts out, but in the end they choked like losers always do.

  6. @Anon: +1. "leave the gun, take the Lombardi...."

    I read somewhere that the last part of the remark by the gangster character Clemenza in The Godfather, "Take the connoli," was an ad-lib, which was not in the written script. Brilliant.

  7. Never forget the timeless song by Timbuk3...Tarzan was a blues man. Tarzan was a white man. We're still relevant. Deal with it.

  8. "Goodell should have stood up to Kaepernick. His protests were on company time. "

    Sorry, I disagree. CK is not an employee of the NFL. He is an employee of the SF football team. Any discipline of CK should have been meted out by the owner of the team, who obviously supported the player in his "protest".

    Goodell, i.e., the league commissioner, was given too much power by the CBA....which the players' union willingly signed, ultimately to their great regret. Goodell should not have even more unbridled authority. He should have less. In fact, the court that ruled against Brady dismissed his appeal on those labor contractual grounds alone, not on the merit of the strong technical arguments that disprove the League's tenuous claim that Brady either knew or should have known the footballs were deflated. (Brady was not accused of having doctored the footballs himself. The League went after him because he didn't take a knee to the commissioner's team of inept investigators.)

  9. I don't watch any sports ball games, but I am very glad to hear that:

    -The Patriots won. Very glad, simply because of their link to President Trump and the amazing similarity to his incredible win;

    -That Lady GaGa actually "shut up and sang" instead of being another Liberal-Without-A-Clue who used her platform to urinate on her audience. (Actually I've always suspected that she is much smarter than the average Lib; she's advanced to the top of a cutthroat industry not just through talent, though she has a great deal of that- but by being thoughtfully more outrageous than even the over-the-top crowd.) Again, that reminds me of our President in many ways, who has been known to toss rhetorical 'bombs' out into the media, with the results that we've all enjoyed!

  10. Please stop knocking the Browns. They WILL get better. (I hope)
    But I suppose SF should be grateful they were around this year.

  11. I didn't watch the game as a protest of the politics the nfl played this year and the rumors that gaga was going to have an anti America or anti Trump half time performance. I don't watch sports for their political views.
    But, looking at the score board, it was obvious that Brady was the star of the game but his performance over shadowed the Patriot defense in the second half. If they didn't shut Atlanta down in the second half Brady would not have put enough points on the board to win.

  12. Just remember what Hank Hill said about the negative karma effects of "showboating".

    BTW, I've wondered what beat you started out on, Don. Court reporting?

  13. The Browns should let the other teams chose who they draft. After RG3 and Johnny Football you have to wonder if they love losing.

  14. I not sure that the Bush 41 coin-handling qualified as a flip, but he looked awful - while Barbara looked like Barbara.

    As for the Brownies, they will end up drafting the UNC QB who never played until he was a Junior and the parade of bad signal-callers will continue.

  15. "Boston Globe has Dewey-defeats-Truman moment"

    More fake news from a Leftist newspaper. The hometown paper gave up on the Pats in an early edition and declared Atlanta the victors. They didn't wait for the fat lady to sing. Never throw in the towel before the fat lady sings.

  16. Did not watch the game, my meager protest of colonoscopy Krappy.... and that the NFL allowed it. It doesn't punish them much, plenty of folks buy tickets and gear regardless. Also, I was on the road. Caught the first bit on AM radio, but the signal faded as I fled Wichita. BY the time I got home, I was envisioning a thorough trouncing by Atlanta and was SHOCKED to see it had ended regulation in a tie. A lot of sports history was made last night.
    Let us hope that in the off season the owners get together and send Badell packing. A few players who are not patriotic can go as well. Even during Barry's time in office I stood for the National Anthem. WE are the country, not a bunch of cheap trick political hacks owned by corporations and pandering for our vote three months every few years then treating us like garbage the remaining time.
    I love my country. My government? Meh. Clean House in 2018.

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  18. Sorry, I got no use for Gag Gag, Brady,or his cheating lying coach.

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