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Friday, February 03, 2017

Japan to add 700,000 jobs -- in the USA

Under President Trump, America is becoming such a valuable place for investors that the Japanese government plans to invest $150 billion here, creating 700,000 jobs.

From MSN:
Japan is putting together a package it says could generate 700,000 U.S. jobs and help create a $450-billion market, to present to U.S. President Donald Trump next week, government sources familiar with the plans said.
The five-part package, to be unveiled when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits Trump on Feb. 10 in Washington, envisage investments in infrastructure projects such as high-speed trains and cybersecurity, said the sources, who declined to be identified as they were not authorized to speak to the media.
Investing in overseas infrastructure projects dovetails with a key plank in Abe’s growth strategy, which is to export "high-quality" infrastructure technology.
Japan will invest 17 trillion yen ($150 billion) in public and private funds over 10 years, the sources said. That would include helping develop high-speed railways in the northeastern United States, and the states of Texas and California, and renovating subway 
There is your Trump Infrastructure Plan.

Remember, Abe met with Trump at Trump Tower after the election.

Meanwhile, the labor force in America grew by 736,000 as Trump became president last month. There was a net gain of 227,000 jobs, which puts Trump on pace to add a net of 10,896,000 jobs in four years -- without a $737 billion stimulus.

In his first four years, Obama added 1,037,000 jobs -- as the percentage of people not bothering to look for work soared.

President Trump gets full credit for the job growth in January because he began acting as de facto president on the day after the election. Hiring reflects an employer's confidence in his business's future.

Trump does not lollygag.

He does not rest.

He does not quit.

From Bloomberg News:
January’s 227,000 increase in payrolls followed a 157,000 rise in December, a Labor Department report showed Friday in Washington. The median forecast in a Bloomberg survey of economists called for a 180,000 advance. The jobless rate rose to 4.8 percent, and average hourly earnings grew 2.5 percent from January 2016, the weakest since August.
The data, representing the final figures under President Barack Obama, indicate the job market is still enjoying steady growth though isn’t tight enough yet to result in a bonanza for worker pay. While analysts expect hiring to cool as the economy nears full employment, President Donald Trump has pledged to bring people back into the workforce and boost wages further through tax cuts, infrastructure investment and looser regulation.
Cut taxes, cut regulations, and fix the infrastructure -- you know all those things DC Conservatives said they were for until Americans elected Trump president.

From the less biased CNS News:
The Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday released its first look at employment since Donald Trump became president, and although that report does not reflect actual Trump policy changes, it does include the period just before Trump became president and was tweeting about jobs saved.
According to BLS, the labor force participation rate improved in January, increasing two-tenths of a point to 62.9 percent, its best showing in four months.
BLS said 152,081,000 Americans were employed in January, close to last month’s record 152,111,000. At the same time, the number of Americans not in the labor force went in the right direction, dropping to 94,366,000, which is 736,000 fewer than last month’s record 95,102,000.
In January 2009 when Obama became president, 65.7% of American adults were in the labor force.

But another way, 34.3% were outside it when Obama became president and 37.1% were outside the labor force when Donald Trump took over.

Labor participation fell to a 38-year low in September 2015.

We went from 81,293,000 adults outside the labor market to 95,102,000 on Obama's watch -- a 17% rise. 

But now Americans are rolling up their sleeves and going back to work.



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  1. You are quoting MSM sources, thus none of that information is correct. It's all crooked.
    Sounds like to me that Trump should have appointed Minister Shinzo Abe to his cabinet. He's the only one who has a plan for the U.S. economy.

  2. Bet Abe and the Japanese could build the CA train to nowhere to somewhere and much cheaper!

    1. The Green Weenie enviros would be dead-set against it. That's a point for the train to nowhere.

    2. All parts of Flyover country are considered "nowhere" to elitist snobs or left coasters, but I repeat myself

    3. They might could build it, but no one will still ride it.

    4. I'd just like to take a train from coastal Georgia to Texas without going through DC and Chicago.

  3. Also, all the money spent here will help Japan too, by them building the trains themselves, since they have great experience in that. I bet some of the European companies are also eying just the same thing.

  4. The Trump effect is snowballing. Apparently the Congress has discovered that they can nullify regulations within sixty days of the departmental report submission on them. The sixty days is counted as days that congress is in session. This means that they can go back to June of last year. Once nullified the department is debarred from issuing a similar reg and if they want to it has to be passed legislatively.
    They are going back through and nullifying all kinds of job killing regs as we speak. And as you can see from above all the opposition can do is shriek about things.
    It is a great time to be alive.

    1. Doc - if this is true, it is even better than going back to June.

      According to the article, the 60 days starts when a rule is published or a report is submitted to congress. Apparently, most rules under Obama's administration were neither published or submitted, so they can all be rolled back!!

      PowerLine is a good source (even with Paul Merengoff off the rails) and Kim Strassel is a good reporter. As the article says, it sounds too good to be true, but I will hope that it is.

    2. Yeah, it is, Doc, But remember...WE did this. Mr. Trump was just a conduit. WE did this. We the people.

  5. Satan finds work for idle hands, but now that Trump is poaching his workforce bigtime, it's no wonder the Prince of Darkness is ordering his DC lobbyists into a frenzy of marches and other activities.

  6. In a self-empowering technique, individualized treatment plans are created in which the customers inform clinicians what regions of treatment they would like to emphasize on.

    1. Don, you need to block this troll; this is the third article in a row I've clicked on where this appears. Next will be Google telling me how I can make $97 an hour.

  7. Don, phrases like, " know all those things DC Conservatives said they were for..." just cry out for some scare quotes.

    They were only "Conservatives" while on the election trail. After they get their seat at the trough, they aren't conservative any more! (Ask the Tea Party for confirmation.)