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Monday, February 13, 2017

Third Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment"

William P. Woodall posted the third Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment" on Amazon.

It is a terrific review that I share with readers.

From William P. Woodall:
Don Surber's on a roll. Last summer it was Trump the Press, the story of how the Press consistently missed out on Trump's march to the Republican nomination. Now comes this work, covering the period from the convention to the election, and a bit beyond.
The story is told in short punchy chapters with delightful titles: "Comfortably Smug", "Trump Will Drop Out", "Bush League" are among the delights. Over and over again the press, pundits, and establishment politicians are hoist on their own petards... in their own words. But it's not just quotes; this volume is filled with Surber's acerbic wit and succinct analysis, in paragraphs such as this:
"Cultural appropriation is the successor to multicultural diversity, which holds that newcomers bring customs that we should incorporate into our nation. Cultural appropriation admonishes us for incorporating new customs. Liberalism is not supposed to make sense."
If you're a political junkie, or are simply trying to understand how DJT arrived as President, this should be on your bookshelf.
This is very encouraging, and I am so glad that Mister Woodall enjoyed the book.

I hope others do and post their reviews on Amazon. They need not be long.


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  1. I made a boo boo and ordered another copy of Trump the Press by accident. One of my sons wants it. The real McCoy is on the way.
    Here's to hoping that a few hundred thousand people make the same mistake I did.