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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Thinning the herd

The best news about the Senate was in Politico: "Exhausted senators look to break Cabinet confirmation logjam."

Wow. It trurns out there is a price paid by Democrats refusing to give Trump and his 63 million voters in 30 states (and part of Maine) the peaceful transfer of power they deserve.

Obstinacy is exhausting.

And that is good for the Republic.

From Politico:
The Senate remained in session for 57 consecutive hours to confirm those two nominees, wearing down lawmakers and staff. But the collective exhaustion could open the door to negotiations on a broader deal to confirm Trump’s Cabinet.
The GOP is seeking to approve Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) as Health and Human Services Department Secretary as soon as Thursday afternoon, senators said. If Democrats continuing resisting, that vote wouldn't occur until around 2 a.m. Friday morning.
Republicans said privately they believed the chamber could adjourn for the week on Thursday afternoon.
“I think Dr. Price will be voted on this afternoon, hopefully,” said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas). “If we stay on regular order we’ll be here through Saturday, but if experience is any indicator we’ll come to some agreement to shorten that. We just don’t know know yet. But the outcome isn’t going to change.”
That could push the confirmation of Steven Mnuchin as treasury secretary into early next week. But David Shulkin, the nominee to lead the Veterans Department, could be confirmed imminently, facing little opposition from Democrats.
President Trump (with an able assist from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell) is wearing the senators out.

That's a good thing, considering 20 of the 100 senators are older than President Trump, who was the oldest man ever sworn in as president.

FDR was president when 19 of these birds were born.

Maybe working this hard -- at a pace that Trump has worked for the last 50 years -- will tire them out and convince it is time to retire.

Maybe next year, Dianne Feinstein won't seek another term that will end when she is 91.

Maybe Orrin Hatch will make the same decision.

Maybe Bernie Sanders.

Maybe Bill Nelson.

We don't need term limits.

We need time limits.

Anyone 80 or older should not be in the House or Senate, or serving on the Supreme Court. I don't care how mentally sharp you are or physically fit. The time has come to go. A new generation awaits. It may be the worst generation ever, but it is their time.

So please, Senate, keep putting in marathon sessions that last until the next afternoon. Wear yourselves out. Make being a senator as unpleasant as it can be. And maybe then, John McCain, Patrick Leahy, and yes, even Mitch McConnell will realize the need to retire already.


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  1. I'd set the age limit at 70, myself.

    You realize "Senate" and "senile" have the same origins, right?

  2. "We don't need term limits.
    We need time limits."

    I just sent that text to Cruz.
    (and Nelson, but Rubio gets his messages)

    1. Send a singing telegram.

      "Come senators, congressmen
      Please heed the call
      Don't stand in the doorway
      Don't block up the hall
      For he that gets hurt
      Will be he who has stalled
      There's the battle outside raging
      It'll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
      For the times they are a-changing"

  3. We don't need the Gerontocracy in charge,

  4. There's something screwy about making yourself sick in order to prevent the appointment of someone pladged to fix the health services.

    Guess the fight goes to the guy with the biggest bladder.

  5. Term limits for congress is still needed.

  6. No. We need term limits. Some of these birds had been in too long before they were 70 or 80.

  7. I am surprised and disappointed at your bigotry and disdain towards older people simply for being older. What happened to the conservative idea that a person should be judged on their own capabilities, not whether they are part of a group or minority?

    1. How un-Left of you.

      Near-Dead Old White Males don't count, remember?

  8. This is why the phrase "crocodile tears" was invented. Which is what I'm crying right now. Poor babies. I mean, a working mom with kids (especially babies) doesn't have to grind her ass off practically 24/7, does she? While you all sit in your big comfy chairs on the Senate floor. Don't make me puke, whiners. Do your effing jobs.

  9. Major spelling error in the paragraph which begins FDR was...
    Third word from the end should have "asta" in place of "i".
    Term limits are fine with me, an age cap is fine with me. People over 70 are not allowed to pilot passenger jets, so limitations on other activities which could have dire consequences due to dis-function are only wise.
    One other thing we should consider is removing the pension for them. If the voters in their state want to give them a pension, they can do it from state coffers.