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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Senate votes to shut up Fauxcahontas

Senator Warren's mouth got her in trouble tonight when she broke more than two centuries of decorum and attacked a fellow senator from the Senate floor.

The Senate promptly voted 49-43 to silence her for the rest of the session on the nomination of Jeff Sessions as attorney general.
From the Washington Times:
The 49-43 vote, which broke along party lines, meant Ms. Warren was not able to continue her floor speech attacking Sen. Jeff Sessions, one of her colleagues and Mr. Trump’s nominee to head the Justice Department.
It marked a new low in already frosty relations in Washington, where Democrats have mounted strenuous objections to Mr. Trump’s agenda. But going after Mr. Sessions, a long-time colleague who has worked with many of the Democrats in the chamber, was too much for the GOP.
Democrats were in the middle of a 30-hour debate, holding the floor to blast Mr. Sessions when Ms. Warren made the comment in question.
“The senator has impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from Alabama,” Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in demanding the vote to punish her.
He said Ms. Warren had violated the rules once, had been warned and given an explanation, and “nevertheless she persisted,” notching a second violation that forced him to act.
Democrats are opposed to a peaceful transference of power in a way not seen in 156 years.

They cannot argue facts, logic, or the law, and so Warren and other Democrats attack the person.

ABC, NBC, and other pro-Democratic Party news outlets called the rule "arcane."

Actually, the rule is quite clear. Sorry if SJWs with bylines cannot understand the banning of ad hominem attacks.


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  1. It seems Fauxcahontas used a sneaky ruse in an attempt to get around the chamber rules, but Republicans circled the wagons and didn't let her get away with it. The days of civility in politics are long over. Fortunately the Republicans are fighting back and taking scalps.

    1. Fighting back and taking scalps (appropriate for Liawatha) ONLY because of President Trump.

    2. I'm surprised Senator Lieawatha didn't try and pull a Senator Preston Brooks and go after Sessions with a cane (or tomahawk)! Well, after all, she DID self-identify as a "nasty woman" last year...

  2. But maybe someday when they learn
    Cherokee Nation will return...

    My stomach hurts from laughing so much these past two weeks. The Libs have lost their minds. It's so cool.

    1. Nah, I'm sure the Libs' minds are backed up somewhere. All of them. On a single 5" floppy disk.

    2. I used to have them on on my Apple 2, Dave! My 75 Cincinnati Reds beat the 27 Yankees on a homer from Tony Perez. Good times...

    3. You ever do the tune thing with an AM radio? Each of the registers operated at slightly different frequencies, producing a different pitch of static on the radio you placed next to the computer. If you could work out how to hit the registers at JUST the right sequence, you could play a tune in static.

    4. First time I ever heard music from a computer was in 1965 at the National Solar Observatory in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. They modified the boot sequence to play the first four bars of The Star Spangled Banner on the console speaker.

  3. "They cannot argue facts, logic, or the law"

    It wouldn't matter except some of them are judges.

  4. Dems don't DO decorum. Defame, sure; deny, sure.

  5. I wonder what Warren's opinion about whether Milo should be able to address college students.

  6. Ad hominem attacks are the largest arrow in their quiver.

    1. I don't quiver at her arrows as she is just Chief Spreading Bull.