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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Psst, he's not your president

Thousands of people in London protested against President Trump on Saturday.

I have news for them.

Donald Trump is not their president.

I know it is difficult in a world dominated by the United States for people in other countries to realize this, but Americans decide who their president is.

But I notice that many Australians, Britons, Canadians, and others believe that they must speak out and denounce the president we chose to lead us.

That is very insulting.

How would Canada like it if I mocked their prime minister?

America is a big fish in a glass bowl. Everyone seems to think they know our business because they rely on a bi-coastal elite media to report on a nation of 320 million people spread over a third of a continent.

And that media lies.

And those lie distort what is in that glass bowl.

There is no Muslim ban.

And there is nothing wrong with executive orders. In fact, that is how a president communicates with his Civil Servants.

But there they were in London, protesting the upcoming visit by the duly elected head of state of Britain's most important ally.

Well, they can protest all they want.

But should they ever wish to stand up to fascism, I suggest they protest the leaders of the seven nations that Trump temporarily immigration from. With the exception of Iraq, they are all run by totalitarian governments.

Kindred spirits of the protesters?


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  1. Ah, just like the good old days of Ronaldus Maximus. Trump is obviously cut from the same cloth. Dang, this is going good!

    1. It's Magus if you please

    2. President Hollande: "“Withdrawal into oneself is a dead-end response."

      That would have sounded less dumbass had a jihadist recently arrived from Egypt not been lunging with a machete at a French soldier at the Louvre at the time.

  2. Trump is, ahem, going to build that wall. Another really big thing is this....he's going to cut all benefits, a division deport those who have lived off of them. Yep, how do you like them apples?😈

  3. There must be an international printing company doing all these anti-Trump signs. I do see a few that may be individual efforts.

    1. If ya ask me, that photoshopping is worse than Obama's birth certificate. Perspective totally acid.

    2. And a big Thumbs-Up to you, Russell G.! LOL
      (Yeah, quite a trip it's been!)

  4. Another example of an old strategy that has never shown itself to be effective, but it keeps getting used.
    Trump had a successful meeting with PM May. They have every opportunity to demonstrate against May. This is not being done for the obvious reasons that May is getting more popular at home by the minute and demonstrating against her would be demonstrating against English independence, which is also increasing in popularity.
    This is a two minutes of hate against Emmanuel Goldstein. A distraction. Something they can do safely. They can't come right out and say that They want to stay in the EU, but if they can gin up enough hate for Trump they can jigger up bilateral trade talks between Britain and the US and perhaps get their goals reached sideways.
    The politics of the hard left is always geopolitics. The people profiting off of the cold war didn't wish to see it end, either, thus the no nukes campaigns and massive demonstrations against placing medium range ballistic missiles in Europe that facilitated the fall of the USSR.
    Demonstrations like this take money and organization. This is not grass roots or genuine. It is classic leftist strategy. And it hasn't seemed to have worked in my lifetime.

  5. Time to start organizing anti-Elizabeth marches in Washington?

    "No to the House of Windsor. No to rounded vowels."

  6. BTW, Milo's book's sales soared more than 17,500 per cent in the hours after the riot.

    Don't want to suggest that those academic Leftards screwed themselves over, but ka-CHING!

  7. very good point deplorable don - the media gives the world a very skewed view of what America is and what trump is doing.

  8. I think the message is that "they" believe they are all "pre-immigrants", or something.

    "They" also knock Pabst, yet push their flat suds aside when given a choice. (That's why Nigel finally came to Fox).

    Finally, Notice that Argentina (of all places), Kuwait, and UAE seem to think the travel ban idea is ok enough to adopt.

    These are not interesting times...Just plain stupid times.

  9. I sense the unseen hand of Nazi collaborator George Soros. - Elric

    1. The Sorosshirts are out in force.

    2. Wouldn't take much digging with a small spoon to expose Georgie boy.

  10. "Attention Londonistan: He's not your president"

    FIFY, Don.

    1. Attention, immigrants: FIFO.

      ("Fit In or F*** Off")

  11. We should be mocking the canadian pm because he is an idiot. For example he said "If you kill your enemies, they win." Fortunately, General Patton did not have that particular perspective.

    We should also mock the canadians for electing him. They may have mocked us for electing an idiot in 2008 and 2012, and, if they did not, they missed their chance.

    1. This. So much this. Justin Trudeau IS an idiot. Canadians, as a whole, are idiots. Contrary to our popular image, Canadians are not nice. We are pompous, humble bragging, passive aggressive, lefty, Trudeau voting, America hating gits.

      So mock us for electing that jackass. Mock us savagely, incessantly, mercilessly. I doubt it will do any good, but watching my fellow subjects heads explode is fun.


  12. I think our Euro brothers and sisters need a tad more info before they write off Trump's EO issue so they might reflect on the immigration issue