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Friday, February 24, 2017

Noonan to Democrats: Be RINOs

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal has offered her advice to the Democratic Party: Be RINO.

Her column today is a hoot!

From Noonan:
If Democrats have a brain in their head, they’ll let Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch sail through the Senate. He’s too attractive. He has been frank and respectful in his meetings with them. He’s been candid about the man who nominated him, Donald Trump, to the reported irritation of the president. He is a thinker of clear conservative leanings who cannot be painted as radical because he’s radical as warm milk. His decisions tend to be plain, direct yet highly literate; in one he diagrammed a sentence. He’s a friendly persuader with a serious intellectual background (Marshall Scholar at Oxford) and personal dignity. 
Sharp and uniform opposition to him would look radical.
Democrats should make critical or reserved speeches at the confirmation hearings next month and then softly vote yes. They should make a show of their desire to be fair, impartial, Constitution-minded. Then they should try to kill the next nomination as a bridge too far, while hiding behind the good faith they showed in accepting Judge Gorsuch.
Thank goodness Miss Noonan is not advising President Trump.

Not that he would heed her.

She does not get him. I don't think she wants to.
This president doesn’t argue, he only announces. He asserts. Previous presidents in their early speeches were always making the case for a certain advancement. Not to do so is a waste of the biggest mic in the world.
He's already argued, though. For the wall, for the extreme vetting, for the tax cuts, et cetera. He won the debate. Now he is doing the job.

And yes, in each announcement, he includes his argument. It really is no different than Barack Obama or Bill Clinton when they began.

Reagan and the Bushes were more cautious. That's because they did not control Congress when they began (although Bush 43 held a 50/50 Senate for a few months until Jim Jeffords flipped).

Trump has a Republican Congress, a luxury no incoming Republican has enjoyed since Eisenhower. Why not use it? Democrats sure do.

Like many in the Washington Establishment, Noonan does not wish to believe Trump is a Republican or that he is the leader of "their" party, but he is. They failed. We handed him the party.

Her advice to Democrats to go along to get along is misplaced. She needs to tell Republicans that.

Beginning with herself.

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  1. Let the Democrats beclown themselves. I'm buying up popcorn futures. - Elric

    1. Wise move, Elric. VERY wise move. Hope you make a shit ton of cash!

  2. This is THE opportunity for the GOP to do big things for the country and themselves. They need to swarm all over it and latch on.

    I gave up on Peggy some years back. This just tells me I was right.

  3. What Sam said. I don't pay any attention to what Noonan says or writes.

  4. Replies
    1. Funny, that's what Andrew Klavan says too. ;-)

  5. The perceived wisdom is that they may do as she says. Mconnell may be unwilling to use a nuke to get Trump's second nominee through, or perhaps he has already promised Schumer he won't for some reason or deal he has made.
    The WSJ, where N has a weekly column, hates Trump. Its owner uses his lesser publication to support him and his larger one to bash him. Noonan has the same ambivalent take on him. I'm sure she and her uppercrusty friends probably enjoy watching their stock portfolios erupt but find they just can't genuflect to their leader, the guy making it happen, uncouth upstart that he is, a sort of Marius in his younger years.
    Indeed,Noonan came to regret her affair with a handsome African prince, but always longed to write for him. He was so articulate.. The real Marius, a plain speaking general who was victorious in a strange and hostile environment where establishment generals had failed for years, was not articulate. But he won battles. Not only did he defeat a mendacious African prince but appropriated his empire for his own country. Noonan is just being wistful I think.

  6. She was the one who kept removing "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" from Reagan's speech and he had to keep putting it back in. Tells me all I need to know!

  7. She doesn't get him, nor will she ever get him.

    And her advice on Gorsuch has only been given 2000 other times by other elites. Not an original thinker.

  8. Noonan hasn't been worth reading for many years. She endorsed Obama in 2008! Her political predictions are terrible and her "observations" of Americans are ... though nicely written ... effete elite pablum.

    I suppose it's possible she wrote a good speech or two for Ronald Reagan. But that was a long time ago.

    1. "effete elite pablum"

      That sir, shall be re-appropriated. Good job!

  9. Noonan has perplexed me for years. From Reagan speechwriter and biographer to Obama voter?! Sorry, you lost me dear.

  10. There are very few old school pundits I will still read. Those who voted for the previous president will never be forgiven. Fortunately, we have a few up and coming sparks of genius to follow.
    I still hope for a rebirth of real journalism. It may take a while to weed out the "long march through the institutions", but there is a demand for real reporting and real, objective commentary.

  11. Forget RINO, Peggy, try Reno. Then you can join the rest of the NeverTrumpers in bed with the Democrats.