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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Melania wins a libel case

In the weeks before the election, the Fake News media unleashed a torrent of news stories implying that as president, Donald Trump would strip the press of protections from libel.

From Business Insider: "Trump just stepped up his calls to open up libel laws and weaken First Amendment protections."

From CNN: "Donald Trump says he wants libel laws more like the UK's."

From the Washington Post: "On freedom of the press, Donald Trump wants to make America like England again."

The Los Angeles Times ran an editorial: "On libel law, Trump rejects ‘America First’."

Missing from these accounts was a key person: Melania Trump. A news blogger said she had worked as an escort -- paid companion -- before she was married. The Daily Mail picked up on this horrible, unsubstantiated story.

After receiving no retraction, she sued in Maryland state court.

I devoted a chapter to this extraordinary case in "Trump the Establishment," which I published today,

Under Sullivan vs. New York Times, the first lady would have to prove maliciousness. That

But unlike libel, other product liability lawsuits do not require such a tall hurdle to collect damages.

The court this week dismissed Mrs. Trump's suit against the London newspaper, saying it would have to be filed in New York, where the newspaper's U.S. headquarters is.

But Law News reported: "Blogger Agrees to Pay Melania Trump ‘Substantial Sum’ to Settle ‘Escort’ Lawsuit."

Yes, minor mistakes that do not harm a person's reputation should not be covered by libel.

Burt if you do harm, you should be held responsible. Given the constant campaign against President Trump, the press should take care to minimize mistakes.

If not, I guarantee a successful lawsuit or two will end the Page One Mistake followed by the Page A-13 correction a month later.


"Trump the Establishment" is an account on how the Establishment used the media to stop the Trump Train in the general election by constantly badgering him on personal issues, often petty. But Trump prevailed based on his abilities as a CEO, and his stances on the real issues of the economy and national security, which I also delve into.

The book is available in paperback at Create Space, or if you prefer, Amazon.

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  1. I am no ways tahhhhred of the Trump's winning.

  2. I ordered a first-day paper copy.

    As soon as I find the check here on my desk, I will send off a request for a signed copy.

    How long do I have to wait for Kindle to be available?

    NO, I have not written a review yet. I am old-fashioned, I insist on reading it first.

  3. Pant, pant......pant....I'm..... not ...tired ...either

  4. I saw a guy saying the other day that he was 53 and he had to take naps just looking at Trump's schedule.

  5. Folks, if you want to help a little, hold a finger down on the links above, copy the link address and post it on social media once or twice a day.

  6. "Under Sullivan vs. New York Times, the first lady would have to prove maliciousness. That" Something got left out here, Don.

    Good to read that Melania's going to be compensated.

  7. Kind of reminds me when Gen. Westmoreland sued CBS (?) and it was settled. Yes, malice is a tall barrier to get over. And sometimes it is so obvious the lawyers wash their hands of the whole thing.

    -Mikey NTH