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Friday, February 10, 2017

Liberals regret coining Fake News

Liberals invented the phrase Fake News. Now they are enjoying heaping helpings of their own words and they don't like the taste of it.

"I see being called Fake News as the equivalent of the N-word for journalists, the equivalent of calling an Italian any of the ugly words that people have for that ethnicity," said CNN presenter Chris Cuomo.

His network ran a Fake News report last month that implied Russia was blackmailing President Trump.

But we knew how much it hurts Fake News hawkers like Cuomo when the Washington Post ran this story:
‘Fake news’ has now lost all meaning
Once upon a time (like, three months ago), “fake news” had a precise meaning. It referred to total fabrications — made-up stories about Donald Trump suffering a heart attack or earning the pope's endorsement — and the phrase burst into the political lexicon as Facebook and Google vowed to clean up some of the garbage that had polluted the Internet during the presidential election.
Since then, conservatives — led by President Trump — have hijacked the term and sought to redefine it as, basically, any reporting they don't like. At the extreme end of absurdity, Trump actually asserted on Monday that “any negative polls are fake news.”
However, the polls last fall were wrong. None of the media stories on polls predicted a 30-state win for Trump and his supporters, so yes the polls are Fake News.

Here's the question: Are polls accurate?

Here's the answer: They have not been so far.

Fake News.

As for other Fake News, bloggers have long pointed out numerous gaffes, lies, and Loch Ness monsters (CNN's Russian blackmail fabrication being the biggest) that Fake News media pushes -- including this Washington Post nonsense:
Russian operation hacked a Vermont utility, showing risk to U.S. electrical grid security, officials say
The only problem was the utility was not on the grid, and no one is quite sure about it being hacked.

Fake News is a Big Brother phrase, popularized by America's Original Big Brother, Barack Obama, who wanted to explain why under his leadership his party was shellacked and schlonged in election upon election. 

Like the character Jack Dawson in the movie "Titanic" 20 years ago, the Democratic Party has gone from The Top Of The World to the bottom of the ocean -- in six years, not six reels.

Media Matters for America tried to minimize the damage:
Yes, Fake News Exists On The Left -- But It's Being Overblown
The weaponized fake news stories that have emerged of late are certainly not confined to just one end of the political spectrum and are dangerous to political discourse regardless of partisan tilt. But a recent spate of articles trumpeting the so-called “rise of progressive ‘fake news’” omits the context necessary to understanding why the right-wing fake news ecosystem is so uniquely destructive, and in doing so collapses the collective understanding of fake news into a trite and distracting argument about “both sides.”
During the presidential campaign, fake news purveyors -- by and large right-wing, hyperpartisan fringe websites -- unleashed a blizzard of politically motivated lies packaged as legitimate news largely designed to undermine Hillary Clinton and boost Donald Trump. The onslaught of fabrications was effective: Fake news stories outperformed real ones on Facebook in the final campaign stretch, and most Americans who saw fake news during the election believed it.
But as it becomes clearer how and why right-wing fake news stories proliferated and succeeded, media outlets are now beginning to document an ostensible “uptick in fake news … with a distinctly liberal bent,” as The Guardian’s Sam Levin describes it, and to compare it to the flood of conservative fake news stories shared during the election.
The difference being the right-wing Fake News is mainly generated by some daft bloggers in the margins.

Liberal Fake News comes from ABC (the Aurora killer was a member of the Tea Party), CBS (Bush was AWOL), CNN, NBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

Oh, Chris Cuomo eventually apologized for hyperventilating over being called Fake News. 

Pretty much the rule on epithets is if it attacks the person, it is wrong. If it attacks what the person is doing, then it is right.

So the real problem Cuomo had with someone calling CNN Fake News is that it is accurate. Maybe he should work on fixing that.


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  1. The lap dog media has the fleas and ticks of fake news infesting them. As well as the lies and other misinformation they've been giving us for years.

    1. Gotta be true, when you think of how those clowns loused up the past twelve months.

  2. Replies
    1. And you sew what you ripped.

      Thus nature balances itself.

  3. Remember those stick grenades the Pre-1945 German soldiers were issued with, to give them some leverage, on account of that baseball-less, cricket-less dudes couldn't throw for beans?

    Fake News is the grenade the FNN ("Frickin' No-Nuts) media tossed at Trump without timing their throw. Not only has he scooped it up and slammed it back at them, he's retained the convenient stick to beat any survivors senseless with.

  4. Fake news alphabet soup cnnabccbsnbcpms brought us pictures of Trayvon Martin in grade school, told us that black olives matter to inner city demonrat plantation owners. They tell us that conservative speech is violence and lefty violence is speech.
    All fakery all the time and more shrill by the day.

  5. The entire alt-right, dissident right, new right, whatever you want to call it is based on hijacking techniques from the left. I seem to remember a book on Rules for Radical Conservatives from about ten years ago or so. Demonization of the opposition was begun with that twit Goldberg and Liberal Fascism, and there are all of those followers of Sam Francis who were around but ignored for years. The best and most effective internet trolls are now on the right and that's why we are getting banned from social media right and left, so to speak, no pun intended. the latest innovation of the left is to silence their opposition by violence. I'm sure we can learn and execute that one better as well.

    1. I'm in, Doc. LET'S DO IT!!! (Animal House reference there)

  6. Some journalism philosophers have recently pushed the idea that lies are OK because they can be retracted after the truth comes out, putting the liar in the clear by admitting error. Others have suggested that no one really cares about truth in the internet age. As an example, I recently received a made up story about the prime Minister of Australia bashing some liberal. I replied it was a lie and the sender's reply was " of course, it was sent for amusement only". How much of the internet and "news" now is for amusement only! The philosopher on YouTube I was watching discuss this attributed Fake News to willfully choosing to be lied to in order to satisfy a sense of belonging to one group or another. To him it was a deep attribute of human nature. The insidious nature of lies was apparently not important to him. Perhaps this is the problem with Chris Cuomo and CNN and its sisters in deception. Why care when there is no personal consequence? Every body does it you know. Like Al Gore said to a critic of his global warming scam " So, would you deny me my right to make a living?"

  7. Another facet to the Fake News: often the #LyingMedia MSM will quote a story from a satirical or parody website, which is clearly NOT an actual news source, and present it as truth or evidence that the right-wing are Nazi lunatics or worse. CNN's Anderson Cooper got caught using phony quotes from the ClickHole parody site, which is a spoof of Buzzfeed, back in 2015.

    Other examples of parody websites include The Onion and The People's Cube (the latter was recently stricken from Wikipedia- but use InfoGalactic instead, it's more accurate and not left-wing.)

    When actual "news" organizations actually invent out of whole cloth some of their "narratives," and they have cut back on actual investigative reporters so that they don't even KNOW what the true story is, it's time for them to die. They no longer have any function but to lie!

  8. The MSM/progressive left liked "Fake News" only until Trump tore it out of their hands and beat them with it until they were broken and bleeding.

  9. The MSM/progressive left has become so used to telling 'the little lie' to promote the 'larger truth' - that they can no longer tell which is which.