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Friday, February 03, 2017

Liberals cannot keep pace with Trump

The biggest reason the press and the rest of his opposition cannot bring President Trump down is that they see him as a politician, and not who he truly is: a workaholic billionaire.

As such, Trump is constantly in motion and moving too fast for the Democratic Party -- including the press corps -- to keep up. Now Huffington Post is crying no mas.

From Sam Stein of Huffington Post:
Just two weeks into his administration, Donald Trump’s presidency is off to a rapid pace. But even by his standards, Monday was especially frenzied.
With protests still simmering over the refugee and immigration ban he’d imposed days prior, Trump that morning mocked the Democratic leader of the Senate for shedding what he deemed “fake tears” for those affected by the ban.
That piece of mockery alone would have been enough in the past to stir a day’s outrage and news coverage. But it was followed by so much more. There were the rumblings of a constitutional crisis as customs agents reportedly disobeyed court orders to let the detained see lawyers. Trump signed another executive order dramatically curtailing regulations. His White House continued bickering with the press over his top political aide being named to the National Security Council. Jewish groups denounced his refusal to specifically mention Jews in his Holocaust Remembrance Day statement.
And then came the night. The acting attorney general announced that she would not defend Trump’s ban on grounds it may be unconstitutional. So Trump fired her, finding a replacement who would do his bidding. Then he fired the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And to cap the evening, he let it be known that the next day, he’d be nominating a justice to the Supreme Court. The political universe was left trying to simply catch its breath.
“There are so many fires burning in so many different places that there is sensory overload,” said David Axelrod, President Barack Obama’s longtime adviser. “There was a lot of action at the beginning of the Obama administration. But it was focused on dealing with a crisis. This is of a different nature and magnitude. I wouldn’t say an order of magnitude, because order is not necessarily part of it.”
Ha ha ha.

Axelrod is now seeing the difference between a 9-to-5, golf on Wednesday, knock off early on Friday, vacation-at-will president and a man who has had to hustle for a buck since he was in his teens.

Fred Trump did not give The Donald money to start his business.

He loaned him the money. At interest.

Donald Trump did not waste his president-elect period vacation at some fat cat's mansion posing for the cover of Golf Digest.

President-elect Trump began setting up a government the day after the election.

He got Carrier, Ford, and a half-dozen other companies to reverse decisions to move to Mexico and invest billions in new factories here.

Then came Christmas.

Trump did not waste $66 million funding his campaign and give up easily a billion dollars in income over the next four years to sit on his ass basking in the warm glow of sycophantic reporters.

As president, Trump relishes the work ahead and if the whiners in the media and elsewhere in the Democratic Party cannot keep up, tough.

Washington runs at a turtle's pace.

Now the punchline: Barry couldn't keep up that pace!


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  1. Barry was the light-worker, and not the

  2. Trump has set a record number of Executive Orders for an incoming prez. Yep, that's Constitutional government at its finest.
    Guess everyone who thought such actions made Obama an Imperial President have no such issues now. Interesting. Stripping back financial regulations? I guess those campaign promises to reel in Wall Street, especially hedge managers, were (more) lies, now influenced by Trump's bevy of Goldman Sachs appointees. What you commoners don't realize is that the "workaholic billionaire" is dizzying everyone so that his appeasement of the R Establishment goes unnoticed. He insults the Jewish community on Holocaust Remembrance Day all while backpedaling his previous support Israeli expansion of settlements on the West Bank and eases some sanctions on Russia (who wants to "push Israel into the sea"). Yep, real positive direction. Maybe Trump is too busy to notice this because he has to quell Conway's "Bowling Green massacre."

    1. The executive orders are reversing Obama's EOs and removing the regulations and rules created by Obama's bureaucrats. All which was promised and now being delivered.

      And he has surrounded himself with other hard working people. No lightworkers allowed.

    2. I agree. Presidents should never issue any orders of any kind and we should be at war with Russia because they are on record as wanting to push Israel into the sea with giant bulldozers that have MAGA on the blades.

    3. Glad you think Russia's hostility toward Israel is funny. When it gets real, I'm standing with Israel, you can have Russia.

    4. Anon losers dont even know how to form paragraphs, but we're just "commoners"
      It was the commoners who defeated grifter granny. Now go cry in your pillow in your favorite safe space.

    5. Typical Trumper - attack the messenger cause you can't refute the facts. Good try though libby.

    6. I'll be right there with you to face down those giant bulldozers. Side by side and shoulder to shoulder. Don't worry, though, I'm sure they won't try anything. Very, very sure.

  3. "Please, sir, I want some more." - Elric

    1. Hahaha Elric! Like that old Andrea True song...More More More, how do you like it, how do you like it?

      I like it. I like it a LOT. Keep doing the Dale Earnhardt thang, Mr. President. What was his nickname again? Oh yeah...The Terminator.

  4. I look forward to your blog each day. keep up the fine work, I need it to keep my mental health

  5. Democrats, media, GOPe, so called "media", bureaucrats have been put on notice. Keep up or get the hell out of the way.

  6. The Puffington Post occasionally succeeds just like a blind squirrel. This is not one of those times. Trump is intimidating because he knows how to succeed and how to actually do a real job. God bless him!

  7. "frenzied" -- he is kicking our ass

  8. Trump, unlike Obama, does not observe the Limey institution of POET'S Day every Friday. ("P*ss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday ")

  9. Obama admitted he was lazy. Can't believe someone didn't dance around the fact that Barry was perpetuating a stereotype.