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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Leaving Chuck Todd Sputtering

President Trump's refusal to play the media game by the media's rules has inspired other Republicans to hit back twice as hard.

Chuck Todd discovered that this morning.

Via Newsbusters, Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas left Todd sputtering.
TODD: And finally, I want to ask you about the Darrell Issa being open to a special prosecutor. What point is it in the best interest of the country to sort of take it away from elected partisans at this point? Whether it's a commission-- I know a select commission, outside commission or a special prosecutor. Where are you in that?
COTTON: Well, I think that's way, way getting ahead of ourselves here, Chuck. There are no allegations of any crime occurring. There's not even indication that there's criminal investigations under way by the FBI as opposed to counter intelligence investigations, which the FBI conducts all the time as our main counter-intelligence bureau. If we get down that road that's a decision that Attorney General Sessions can make at the time. But I think that’s—
TODD: Senators can call for it on their own. I mean, you called during your campaign against Mike prior. You called for a special prosecutor for the IRS. When does-- How does this Russia allegation, when does that rise to that level in your mind?
COTTON: Well, I think that's far down the road from what our inquiry might reveal in the Intelligence Committee or what the FBI’s inquiries might reveal. That's something that can be decided down the road, but right now there's no credible evidence of these contacts beyond anonymous sources in the media. And I’ve got to tell you, anonymous sources can't always be trusted.
TODD: Anonymous sources are how we find out about a lot of scandal in this country.
COTTON: Anonymous sources said Steve Bannon drove from the White House to the Department of Homeland Security to confront John Kelly, which we now know is not the truth. That’s not like the tone of a conversation, that’s someone’s physical whereabouts.
TODD: I – I – I
COTTON: You cannot credit stories that are based on anonymous sources. You should look into them especially if you're in a position of responsibility, but you can't simply credit them.
TODD: Let me talk to you about health care.
Nice attempt to change subjects.

And Cotton is correct. For too long the media have hid behind anonymous sources, and President Trump knows that, and may have tripped them up a few times.

The press piddled away most of its credibility trying to elect Hillary. They said they did it to Stop Hitler. And every day that President Trump is Not Hitler, the media loses a little of what it has left. Even the most partisan Democrats must notice it.

Gone are the days when everyone watched "Meet the Press."

Instead of replacing Tim Russert (a liberal who tried to run a fair show) with a competent interviewer, NBC went with a Democratic hack, David Gregory, followed by Todd, another Democratic hack.

The White House is not playing that game.

If Chuck Todd had booked him, next week the White House would have offered the intern of the deputy's assistant.

Republicans did not need Chuck Todd to win in 2016.

They don't need him in 2018.

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  1. the media never learns. they are so arrogantly self righteous that they are blind to their own stupidity.

  2. There's no audience for dead air time. Offer them the janitors to engage in their on-air cage fights.

  3. Tom Cotton is giant in my book. They won't want him on again.

  4. Chuck is not too quick really. I disagree about Russert. He was never really "fair", just clever in seeming so. Toward the end he went righteous mad on air, about GW I think. But I guess in feigning fairness he appeared quicker than Chuck. At least he had been a political assistant to Moynihan, the last intelligent Democrat.
    I would keep an eye on Cotton. I think He will be giving Pence a run in 2019. His squishing of the Schumer bug on the Senate floor made a nice loud splat on internet media.

    1. Yeah, that was a good kill. Anybody heard from Chuckie Schu since? I could vote for Tom Cotton. Easily.

  5. Can't be long before the network execs start asking, "What have you done for us lately, Chuck?"

  6. Remember that spluttering engine sound effect Mel Blanc used to do.

    That's Chuckie right there.