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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Jebbio K. McRynerham

Readers recall that during the election I occasionally looked at the perfect Republican Establishment candidate -- Jebbio McCruzney -- who would have graciously lost to Hillary, turned over the Senate to Democrats, and not embarrassed anyone.

It turns out George Soros had a similar candidate -- Jebbio K. McRynerham.

The fictional Soroschurian candidate accepted money from the nefarious One World billionaire, just as Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, John McCain, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, and Lindsay Graham did in real life.

The money came from employees of Soros.

From Breitbart:
Graham spokesman Kevin Bishop argues that since Soros himself didn’t give Graham money that this is not controversial.
“George Soros has never given a penny to Lindsey Graham,” Bishop said in an email. “George Soros Fund Management has never given a penny to Lindsey Graham. These are donations from individuals who are employed by Soros Fund Management.”
Bishop compared this to an employee for Amway or for the Trump Organization making a donation to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign in 2016, something that would mean that employee–not Amway owners like the DeVos family or President Trump or his family–is the one making the donation. But Bishop does not deny that Graham did take a donation from Soros Fund Management employees.
Yes, and Bill Ayers just happens to be someone in the neighborhood.

The Soros workers donated to these seven candidates because they saw little difference between them an Hillary.

President Trump is the anti-Establishment president.

Notice how he has taken every one of these characters on.

I did. I wrote a book about it.


"Trump the Establishment" is an account on how the Establishment used the media to stop the Trump Train in the general election by constantly badgering him on personal issues, often petty. But Trump prevailed based on his abilities as a CEO, and his stances on the real issues of the economy and national security, which I also delve into.

The book is available in paperback at Create Space, or if you prefer, Amazon.

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  1. Those dirty dogs! Thanks, Evi!

  2. Not exactly The Magnificent Seven. Not even the seven dwarfs (if I am allowed to even say dwarf).

    1. You can call them Dwarves or Dwarfs (both are accepted).

  3. Note Cathy McMorris Rodgers was also in the list.

    1. Note Cathy McMorris Rodgers is not Secretary of the Interior!

  4. Social media sure helps keep these bastards' feet to the fire. Great pic.

    Sorry about the long URL but this is important..
    Wet Start McQueeg Miss Lindsey etc..
    TG McCoy