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Monday, February 27, 2017

How the media can regain credibility

For five years, beginning with the White House Correspondents Association Dinner in 2011 until Election Day 2016, the media by and large tried to stop the election of Donald Trump as president.

This was the biggest failure in the history of the American media.

The news media needs to end its Operation Stop Hitler, and move on to reporting what Trump says and does without bias because they too inept and obvious to succeed as anti-Trump propagandists.

Make Journalism Journalism Again.

Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, hardly a conservative publication, said this weekend:
"The danger is that (journalists) spin ourselves out of control out of anxiety or fear or whatever you want to call it.
"But all that this moment requires is a doubling down of our basic commitment to a fact-based discourse."
His message to people who do the news is simply:
"We're not supposed to be the resistance. We're not supposed to be the opposition.
"We're supposed to tell the truth about what's happening in any given moment and in any given place. And let's just do that."
Veteran newspaperman Andrew Malcolm wrote today:
Media members who blithely passed along Obama’s serial lies about, among many things, keeping your doctor and health plan under Obamacare, are now on Alpha Alert for Trump untruths, visibly relishing each one.
The Washington media need to stop whining, get off their high horse and do the jobs they chose, reporting accurately what a president says now and putting it in true context with what he said last year or last night.
Americans are not dumb, even if you disagree with their presidential choice. In the years B.T. (Before Trump), millions decided the Fourth Estate had become more of a fifth column to combat traditional values and fairness.
That’s dangerous, because our democracy needs a healthy, honest press, now also financially troubled. The best way to restore both trust and business health is to reboot and become real journalists again, this time with a professional conscience. Because it takes two sides to keep a war going.
What must the media do?

First, editors must edit. That means telling reporters that if they are Out to Get Trump, then they need to get out of journalism.

Because it is not working. Mocking Trump at that dinner did not stop him. Calling him an ape, buffoon, clown, and Hitler -- and that is just what the National Review called him -- did not stop him. Quoting him out of context did not help, and in fact inoculated him from Terminal Quotio because by the time the Billy Bush tape came out, nothing was left to shock voters.

What the media did in 2015 and 2016 is called failure.

I have written two books on the subject detailing the failure: "Trump the Press," and "Trump the Establishment." The first dealt with the nomination, and the second with the election.

The media needs to rebuild its credibility. Fast.

Step One, give Donald Trump a honeymoon. American voters know every president gets one; even George Walker Bush was treated decently after his narrow victory in 2000. Trump won more states than any president in 20 years, and the most electoral college votes by a Republican in 28 years.

In treating Trump like trash, the media told his voters they are nothing in the eyes of the media. You think the people who voted for Obama in 2008 do not notice that the media labeled them Instant Racists when they switched to Trump?

Step Two, the story casts Trump in a bad light, double check and wait for the White House response. Look at that ridiculous Associated Press story of February 17:
Trump Weighs Mobilizing National Guard for Immigration Roundups
Trump never hear of such a plan. It never went on his desk to "weigh" because it was a ludicrous idea. You are not going to send 100,000 U.S. troops to round up 11 million people.

The story showed no understanding of 1. How the National Guard is staffed (there are not 100,000 MPs in the National Guard), 2. How the Border Patrol works (it does not do round ups) 3. How the White House works (the plan -- there was one, not this) had not even gotten to the desk of the man who would recommend it to the president.

But the Associated Press published this without any comment from the White House. Only after it was published did the Associated Press bother to include the White House reaction. Given that reaction, the Associated Press should have retracted it, fired the reporter, and fired whoever published it.

Step Three, stop with the butt-hurt over Trump. No more reports on Trump calling the media Fake News. These reports make the president look defiant, and the media as if it is out to get him.

It should not me the Media versus the Duly Elected President of the United States.

Because not accepting the results of the election -- and trying to sabotage the president -- are not working.

Operation Stop Hitler failed because guess what? Donald Trump is not Hitler.

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  1. Good advice, but even if they were to follow it for the present, in that (hopefully) very distant day in the future when a Democrat once again is elected president, they will revert to their default position on their knees before their god-king. Liberalism is in the DNA. There is no cure for what ails them but extinction.

    1. Those MSM pussies would probably get the vapors if we said their racket is screwed, blued and tattooed, so let's just say The Donald's reamed, seamed and drycleaned 'em.

  2. What Trump did, clue stick wise, to the MSM, I also expect him to do to the Hollywood elites.

    In fact, I reckon the first time those actors and actresses waste his time or p*ss him off (and the former is a good way to ensure the latter), I reckon he'll mime taking a card out of an envelope and mock them on their half-asses opinions.

    1. Great idea about the envelope1

  3. Never happen. Journalism is dead. What we have are propagandists pure and simple. The Fake News Media is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party or as Insty sez, "Democrat operatives with bylines." If there is "strength in Diversity (All Hail Diversity!)" how come there is no Diversity (All Hail Diversity) of thought in the nation's newsrooms?

    1. Propagandists who are pussy hat wearing betas.

    2. If there's anything worse than being a videotape in the age of Internet movies-on-demand, it's being the losing videotape format.

  4. Expecting the media to be credible reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of what the media is. Expecting it to regain credibility reflects a misunderstanding of the history of the media.

    Media organizations are established either to produce propaganda or to make money or both. Neither of these purposes can be achieved by being credible. To make money they have to be sensational every day 24/7. This means they are mostly spreading rumors (inventing and propagating fake news) in between real news stories like natural disasters, epidemics, and wars.

  5. I agree with all the above. The media are partisan thru and thru, and they're NOT going to have a "come to Jesus" moment, because they don't believe in Jesus.

    1. The wisdom of the world looks upon the glory of Creation, and fails to draw the obvious conclusion.

  6. ""We're not supposed to be the resistance. We're not supposed to be the opposition.
    "We're supposed to tell the truth about what's happening in any given moment and in any given place. And let's just do that.""

    And most MSM reporters instinctive reaction to that is "How can we best fake this unbiased sincerity thing?"

  7. Can you imagine the effect, liberty-wise, of 100,000 MPs on duty?

    You'd wind up in the brig if you didn't drink your milky tea with the pinky finger properly extended.

  8. I don't think they could change even if they wanted to. They were chosen by their professors to do this job, and conditioned by them in ways that reinforced the tendencies the students already showed. They're like robots. Programmed to do one thing. Lie their asses off to produce Democrat electoral victories. That is why they are so predictable and trollable.

  9. Substitute any part of the Left, or the Left as a whole, and it still applies.

    "The Washington media need to stop whining, get off their high horse and do the jobs they chose"

    What makes Malcolm think they're not doing the jobs the chose? This is the generation that grew up (I use the phrase figuratively) on Woodward and Bernstein, Dan Blather and Jack Anderson.

  10. I just think they're beyond redemption. Stop watching, reading, listening to them. Put em outta business.

    1. Absolutely. Democrat media will always cover for Democrat corruption and make up lies about conservatives. Their industry needs to die.

  11. There is nothing they can do or say to ever regain the trust they have lost. Everything the Enemedia says is globalist totalitarian propaganda.

  12. Amid swirls of intergalactic static, the SETI program today received a fragmentary radio message from an alien civilization.

    Scientists say that it is proof of extraterrestrial intelligent life, as it contains universal truth.

    The message: "C-H-*-C-K T-*-D-D I-S A W-*-N-K-E-R"