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Friday, February 10, 2017

Hillary lost to a Kardashian

Talk about humiliation. Not only did Hillary suffer the worst whupping of a Democrat in 28 years on November 8, but the loss cost her the cover of Vogue magazine to Kendall Jenner, a sister of Kim Kardashian.

The glam magazine was all ready for Hillary's close up when The Donald and people in 30 states and the second congressional district in Maine put an end to Hillary's presidential ambitions, the Daily Mail reported.

The cover instead went to Kendall and six other narrow models. The headline still said: "Women Rule!" -- just not that Hillary woman.

From the Daily Mail:
On Wednesday, New York Times features writer Jacob Bernstein posted a photo of the cover on Twitter, writing:  'Vogue's March issue was going to feature Hillary Clinton in the cover. That didn't quite work out...'
He later deleted that tweet, which came two weeks after Fast Company also claimed that a Clinton cover had been planned and then scrapped post-election. 
'The idea to have Clinton on the cover of the upcoming "power" issue was ultimately tabled in the wake of her election defeat - it's not clear if that was Clinton's decision or the magazine's - and the editors spent weeks scrambling to find a replacement,' wrote Fast Company at the time. 
Meanwhile, in a new interview with the Wall Street Journal, the magazine's longtime Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour promised that there would be more coverage of the current First Lady moving forward.
Melania on the cover.

Not only will Trump Make America Great Again, but he Kept Vogue Covers Beautiful.

And skinny.

Some of those girls look like they are not much above their birthweight.


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  1. Hildog, aka grifter granny, was all set to be on the cover of Vague and Vacuous magazines?

  2. Anorexia are us, on the cover. Beats Hillary, though.

  3. They have no butts! Come on, ladies, Five Guys serves up a darned tasty burger and their fries are good too. Y'all need to get on that.

  4. Note Jenner's right hand is covering her thigh so as to make it look thinner and make her fit in with the models. I actually didn't know which one she was, but compare that thigh to the others.

  5. You sure she's related to Kim "More Ass Than Class" Kardashian?

  6. Ashley Graham (second from the left) is anything but skinny.

    And she has a very abundant ass.

  7. Robert Palmer says that cover is "Simply Irresistible."