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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

"He Can Lead a Protest, I'm Leading a Country"

British Prime Minister Theresa May was not about to take any crap from opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn during PMQ -- a weekly event in which the prime minister stands in Parliament and answers questions.

Corbyn has bad-mouthed May for visiting Trump. Today, she hit back.
"The gentleman's foreign policy is to object to and insult the democratically elected head of state of our most important ally. Lets just see what he would gave achieved in the last week. Would he have been able to protect British citizens from the effects of the [garbled] order? No. Would he have been able to lay the foundations of a trade deal? No. Would he have got a 100 percent commitment to NATO? No. That's what Labour has to offer this country. Less protection for its citizens. Less prosperous. Less safe. He can lead a protest. I'm leading a country." 
What she said about Labour can be said for the news media and the Democratic Party in America.

They offer less protection, less prosperity, and less safety.


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  1. In both cases - Labour Party and MSM - bad-mouthing the opposition is SOP. They will never have anything good to say about the Conservative Party or President Trump and/or the GOP. What is making them even crazier is that now that they are out of power and unable to call the shots they are butthurt to the extreme. Pour turpentine on a cat’s ass and you will get the same reaction. I’m not sure what teapartydoc would prescribe, but I recommend Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. - Elric

  2. He should've known better than to get on her nerves in the middle of PMQ.

  3. b*tch-slapped. Good for her. I like a feisty woman. That's why I married one.

    [only 6 more days and counting.....]

  4. Her visit with the President appears to have included a spine transplant.

  5. The third sentence quoted above should correctly read as follows: "Would he have been able to protect British citizens from the impact of the Executive Order?"