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Monday, February 06, 2017

Guest shuts CNN host down

A guest unloaded on Brian Stetler on his own show.

Stetler is the insufferable New York Times media critic who is now the insufferable CNN media critic.

Michael Wolff of the Hollywood Reporter had a nice exchange with Stetler on Sunday.

From Hill:
The 31-year-old "Reliable Sources" host asked Wolff if his style or substance was wrong in attempting to "fact-check the president."

"I think it is, and I mean this with truly no disrespect, but I think you can border on being sort of quite a ridiculous figure. It is not a good look, to repeatedly and self-righteously defend your own self-interest. The media should not be the story every week.
"Every week in this religious sense, you make it the story," Wolff added. "We are not the story."

"Isn't there room for one hour a week on CNN for this?" Stelter asked.

"Listen, I love your show, but I wish every weekend you did not turn to the camera and lecture America about the virtues of the media and everyone trying to attack it. The media will be fine," Wolff  replied.

"The media doesn't need defending?" Stelter followed.

"The media doesn't need defending by the media," Wolff responded. "The New York Times front page looks like it's 1938 in Germany every day."
Yep, Stetler has gone from media critic to Trump critic.

And Trump critics are a drug on the market.


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  1. "The New York Times front page looks like it's 1938 in Germany every day."

    But I'd bet it doesn't look like it's 1933 in Germany every day. That is, I'm sure the New York Times cut Hitler a lot more slack early on than they do Trump.

  2. "The media doesn't need defending by the media," Wolff responded. "The New York Times front page looks like it's 1938 in Germany every day."

    Where have I read that last line before?

    1. It's springtime for...I mean morning in America.

  3. I don't even know what Wolff's comment means, because in 1938 the German newspaper were under the control of the Nazis, specifically they were being being run by Joseph Goebbels and of course toeing the Party Line. At the same time, across the Pond the NYT, was running puff pieces about Hitler, while being closely monitored by the FDR administration. As with Obama, the NYT played suck-up to the Democrats who were running the country.

    Indeed, during the rise of Hitler's war machine, the self-proclaimed Paper of Record soft-pedelled the dangers he represented. Early on, the NYT ran an article titled "Hitler Seeks Jobs for All Germans," based on a personal interview conducted by one of its reporters:

    "The story was based on an interview with the Nazi leader by Times correspondent Anne O’Hare McCormick. She gave Hitler paragraph after paragraph to explain his policies as necessary to address Germany’s unemployment, improve its roads, and promote national unity. The Times correspondent lobbed the Nazi chief softball questions such as 'What character in history do you admire most, Caesar, Napoleon, or Frederick the Great?' ”

    She continued on:

    "[Hitler is] a rather shy and simple man, younger than one expects, more robust, taller…. His eyes are almost the color of the blue larkspur in a vase behind him, curiously childlike and candid…. His voice is as quiet as his black tie and his double-breasted black suit…. Herr Hitler has the sensitive hand of the artist.”

    As late as 1938, the NYT continued to publish soft puff pieces about Hitler so as not to upset FDR. "The New York Times published a dispatch from one of its Berlin correspondents in which he could barely conceal his admiration of Hitler’s 'mountain retreat.' The home 'is simple in its appointments and commands a magnificent highland panorama…. Herr Hitler in principle detests the big cities, where "the houses are thick and the sewers annoy the air." He craves moderate altitudes and highland breezes.' ”

    So, I can intuit what Wolff meant to tell Stetler, but his words don't make sense to me. It would have been better had he left it at saying the media needed to stop crying wolf.

  4. "Trump critics are a drug on the market"

    Soporific, emetic, or purgative?

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