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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Falska Nyheter -- Fake News, Swedish-style

The nation is besieged by immigrants from another culture. A nationalist party rises. Journalists decide to treat the party as a pariah and to isolate and

It happened in Britain, in France, in the United States, and in Sweden.

The nationalist Sweden Democrats political party began in 1988, but it was nearly 20 years later before it saw significant electoral success. Given how the Swedish press greeted it as the return of the Nazis, small wonder that happened.

But as Sakine Madon, a Turkish-born columnist in Sweden found, the press was not above using Falska Nyheter -- Fake News -- to try to stop Sweden Democrats. In a January 16 column, she explored the "conspiracy theory" that the Swedish press suppressed news that may benefit SD:
A journalist who has worked on several major editorial says that in all workplaces has been a pronounced or unspoken policy not to promote SD and xenophobia. And especially remember the honor murder of Pela Atroshi: "We did not write a line about it."
These journalists are no foil hats. On the contrary, highlights several that most journalists and news executives are honest people. Yet the problem is there.
So who is Pela Atroshi?

She was a Kurdish refugee. An uncle murdered her in an "honor killing" in Sweden. The case was similar to Fadime ┼×ahindal, murdered by her father in another "honor killing" in Sweden.

Silence makes the Swedish press an accessory after the fact.

The more this goes on -- the more the globalists use the press to suppress the truth -- the more I realize what a terrible time it is for freedom and liberty in the West.

Madon ended her column:
The country's media newsrooms need to consider a lap: we shall be pronounced against SD? If not; How do we ensure that journalism was shot? It is easy to shout "conspiracy theory" to any criticism. The harder it is to see their own role in that confidence in the media falls, while the SD sites celebrating victory after victory.
The press may not be an enemy of the people, but it sure seems to act that way.

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  1. No, Big D, the press IS an enemy of the people. We should refuse to watch their shows, subscribe to their magazines, listen to their radio, etc, until they get the message.And in the meantime, visit quality sites like yours. Where the truth still exists.

  2. An expatriate Swede I once worked with for several years once commented that, after Denmark and Norway fell to Hitler, Sweden spent the rest of the war selling iron ore to Nazi Germany, "something", he added, "of which to be ashamed".

    This time round, however, the fascists are already within the gates.

  3. So ironic the riots happen so soon after LSM attacks on Trump over the Swedish situation.

  4. The Swedish press, does the government's bidding. As ours has done, and still does for the Dems and the deep state.

  5. Don, is that first paragraph missing something? Sure jumps awkwardly!