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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Democrats in disarray

Political reporters seem to be deliberately avoiding the biggest post-election story for Democrats -- the fact that the party has no leadership.

Since canning Debbie Wasserman Schultz after their convention in July, Democrats have not had a leader.

They brought in Donna Brazile as interim chairman, but nearly four months after Hillary Clinton's historic humiliation on Election Night -- no one before ever blew a consensus 98% chance of winning -- the party has no one organizing or raising funds for the party nationally.

Media stories are confined to things Keith Ellison and other contenders say, but ignore the glaring fact that the party has no leader, and has not had one for months.

Why isn't Robby Mook the chairman? He ran Hillary's campaign. He's young. He's gay. He hits enough of the right demographic targets for the party. Competence does not matter. Witness Debbie Wasserman Schultz's lengthy tenure.

Ellison scares me. He seems like an astute observer of the body politic.

The reason Ellison has not gotten the nod is money.

He is a Muslim and the Democratic money men do not want the party to acquire that identity just yet. Considering the money men are largely white and nominally Christian, perhaps they tire of hearing their sex, their race, and their religion bashed by the party they support.

The Clinton-Obama feud also plays into this. Obama is content with his own party, Organizing for Action, which is raising money, training ground crews, and having a jolly time holding media-friendly demonstrations.

The reporters who know the inside scoop are noticeably silent, having learned nothing from the past election.

Fine. Had these reporters treated the Democratic Party with anything but kid gloves, the party would have had to punch back, which would have made it look like something other than a bunch of spoiled entitled brats.

So it is in my best interest to let the reporters pretend there is no story here. That helps Republicans.

But I am curious as to why the party still has no chairman.

Meanwhile, Republicans have a new chairman and roll on.

From the Daily Caller:
The Republican National Committee filed a record setting $19.8 million January FEC report on Monday, The Daily Caller has learned. The $19.8 million makes January the best post-election fundraising month in RNC history.
“I am encouraged by the historic support shown by Americans across this country as our Party unites under President Trump,” said RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel. “It is clear our message of bringing change to all people is resonating, and I am committed to harnessing this momentum as we continue to build on the successes we earned in 2016. The RNC has never been better equipped to champion the Republican agenda and use these resources to grow our majorities in 2018.”
Politics is cyclical.

However, nothing extends a part's down cycle better than incompetence and neglect. If Democrats cannot elect a chairman, they cannot elect a president. They already are behind in the 2020 race.

Reince Priebus was the best party chairman in my life. On his watch, Republicans had a renaissance not seen since the 1920s. Now he is in the White House as chief of staff. Someday, he just may be in that seat behind the Resolute Desk.

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  1. Yep, being Republicans, they can certainly blow it. If the talking head Republicans get their way and marginalize Trump, then we can look forward to a very far left Dem as President way too soon.

  2. The Demos haven't had a leader in 8 years.

    They're just noticing it now.

  3. Reading about all of the contenders for DNC head, the white money men are losers no matter who wins. Ellison is the worst of the lot, thus the best for us. Power Line has done a great job over the years exposing this man who is from two of the blogger's Minnesota back yard.

  4. Isn't ☪ظ☭ma pushing his former cabinet member Tom Perez for the job?

  5. What the Democrats need is I would define as a moderate, what they would call conservative. The far left of their party has control, and will not relinquish it w/o a fight. Bring popcorn.

  6. Dennis, don't give them any sensible ideas! Let them run their car off the cliff like in Thelma and Louise. Then we can get some shit done.

  7. "Considering the money men are largely white and nominally Christian"

    And some of the richest contributors and staunchest supporters are Jewish, who might well bolt the party if Ellison is selected. Alan Dershowitz, for example, has already made it clear he will leave the party if that happens.

    But while we are gloating here over the disarray of the Democrats, it appears that Congressional Republicans can't get their sh*t together either. It's embarrassing to see how feckless these people are. It's been 7!!!! damn years since the passage of the Obamacare law and the Republicans still don't have a repeal plan or a replacement ready to go. After 7 years, there is no excuse for the Republicans not to have something that is ready to be brought to the floor for a vote in both chambers NOW, TODAY! Trump needs to call a meeting of the Republican Congressional leadership and read them the riot act. They won't like it, but they are screwing up royally. The 2018 election campaign has already begun and the clock is running. The Democrats are not going to remain disorganized and in shock over their election loss forever.

    1. That's why I want Ellison to be the face of the Dems!

    2. The Republican Congressional "leadership" is part of the Uniparty.

      They don't support President Trump. Most are globalists, and all are most interested in keeping their rice bowls filled from the governmental trough.

      They make pretty speeches, and "attempt" to enact laws (such as Obamacare repeal) while everyone is watching; but they only do that when the law has no chance of passing or being signed by the President.

      With President Trump, there is no doubt at all that he'd sign a bill to repeal Obamacare, or limit immigration, or fix the IRS mess; so they're really in a hard spot, as the globalist Uniparty has no desire to do any of those things. Watch the carefully rehearsed dance moves by McConnell and Ryan!

      There are trillions of dollars at stake, and they don't want them to slip out of their hands. The Deep State is in full battle-readiness to oppose all the reforms we desperately need.

    3. In January 2016, the GOP sent an ObamaCare repeal to Obama and he vetoed it. So where is that bill now?!!

  8. "Politics is cyclical"

    I'd say, in the case if the Democrats' cycle, the handlebars have begun to wobble, and the bike is fixing to disintegrate beneath them.

  9. Re: Wassermann Schultz, from earlier this month....

    "Three brothers who managed office information technology for members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and other lawmakers were abruptly relieved of their duties on suspicion that they accessed congressional computers without permission."

    These were 3 Pakistani brothers who worked for Wassermann Schultz while she was the chair of the DNC and also worked for members of various House committees. They were in debt up to their eyeballs. One has to wonder whether they might have been involved in or facilitated the "hacking" of the DNC computers in early 2016. What better way to get some money to pay off their huge debts than to sell access to the DNC computer system? Maybe it wasn't the Russians; maybe it was the Pakistanis. Funny we haven't heard much about this embarrassing scandal. I mean these guys were earning huge salaries, running businesses on the side while they were on the government payroll, got other family members on the payroll, and even paid off a personal debt they couldn't settle by getting that person a high paying government job as payback. How is it the FBI never picked up on these guys while the agency was looking into the "hacking" of the DNC computers? The circumstances of this case stink like limburger.

  10. Dershowitz should have the good sense to bolt the party whether they pick Ellison or not. It should not even be required for them to consider Ellison for Dershowitz to bolt the party. The bulk of anti-Semitism and hatred for Israel is located within the Democrat Party and has been since the 1950s when Buckley essentially chased them away from the conservative movement.

  11. The mainstream media seems to be the head of the Democratic Party.