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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

David Duke endorses Keith Ellison for DNC

Former Klansman David Duke just endorsed Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison for chairman of the DNC.

Just what Ellison knows was not explained by Duke.

Jim Treacher at the Daily Caller wrote:
Throughout the 2016 campaign, the Democrats were very interested in every little thing David Duke had to say. They were eager to hang it around Trump’s neck. So I’m sure they’ll do the same thing for Keith Ellison, now that he’s scored the crucial David Duke endorsement.
Wayne Dupree wrote:
Why don’t we play a little game to see how many times the media mentions how David Duke likes Ellison, Jehmu Greene or Sally Bonynton Brown. Will they label these three as racist like they did Donald Trump, let’s find out shall we?
Duke may be playing the same game he tried to play on Donald Trump by "endorsing" him last summer.

Trump and Duke had a feud that dated back 16 years to 2000, when Trump left the Reform Party, citing (among other things) the presence of David Duke. I explained this in my new book.

Or maybe Duke believes Ellison will help the party return to its roots.


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  1. What Duke believes Ellison "knows" is the "Jews run the world" thing that has been around since before The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Jews are a specialty of Duke. He wrote his doctoral thesis about them. Not much different here than the Nazi/Arab nexus.

    I'm sure the MSM will exploit this in it's attempts to destroy Keith Ellison /s

  2. Davy is now the Duke of Trolls. This will mess their minds.

  3. The most poetically appropriate result would be to have a Buckley running the Democrat party. I'm sure the Goldbergs won't be far behind, either.

  4. This is all Ellison needs to say and he skates free: "Well, just so you understand, I don’t know anything about David Duke. OK? I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. So, I don’t know."
    See, all better.

  5. My brother has met Ellison. He spoke at a Rotary Club event my brother organized. Said he's a nice guy. I don't agree with any of his policies but, after Debbie Wasaman Snitch, there's no place to go but up for the DNC.

    1. A nice guy, eh? Your brother should read Powerlineblog about Ellison.

    2. I have more faith in them than you apparently. Rock bottom and digging deeper!
      Heck, they hit rock bottom with Carter, and it has been down hill ever since.

  6. Remember back when Candidate Trump got clobbered over and over with "David Duke endorsed you, do you denounce him?" rhetoric on all MSM (spit!) outlets? Trump had already denounced him, but still they kept up the barrage of accusations. Trump had to keep on denying any connection with David Duke, and even then the accusations were continued; the purpose, of course, was to get all their viewers to automatically connect: "Trump = David Duke = Nazi + White Supremacy"

    I seem to remember Ann Coulter wondering if David Duke was actually still alive, since the only time we ever hear his name is when there's a Republican to smear by association. She's not wrong!