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Friday, February 17, 2017

CRAwling from the Obamanation we just suffered

After suffering decades of liberal bureaucrats re-writing laws without congressional oversight, Republicans had enough and in 1996 passed the Congressional Review Act to override the bureaucracy. This worked only once in 20 years when President Bush 43 signed off on repealing a Clinton era requirement for workplace ergonomics (then the big fad among the latte liberals).

Trump already signed off on two -- a Dodd-Frank rule and an EPA coal-mining rule, neither of which help anyone but are costly nevertheless.

That's not all.

From the Daily Caller:
The Trump administration withdrew 24 economically significant rules –those costing more than $100 million — in his first week, and delayed the publication of about 250 more regulations with an an executive order to halt the publication of “midnight” regulations pushed by President Barack Obama.
All told, Trump’s put a hold on $181 billion worth of new regulations, according to data compiled by the right-leaning American Action Forum (AAF). That includes 22 costing more than $100 million and 16 measures costing more than $1 billion in the long-run.
“The incredible regulatory output of the Lame Duck Obama Administration has given President Trump plenty of reform opportunities, but it will take months to vet the last pieces of President Obama’s regulatory legacy,” Sam Batkins, AAF’s director of regulatory policy, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.
Obama finished 2016 publishing enough regulations to fill 97,110 pages in the Federal Register — an all-time record. Trump’s planning on cutting 75 percent of federal regulations, or tens of thousands of pages from the Federal Register, in a bid to boost economic growth.
Trump’s regulatory freeze, for example, has pushed back the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) publishing of 30 regulations. EPA even withdrew a regulation on how dentists dispose of mercury.
The bureaucracy has no problem imposing billion-dollar requirements to reduce pollution by one-billionth of a percent.

Also from the Daily Caller:
President Donald Trump signed legislation Thursday repealing an Obama administration rule targeting coal mining.
“We’re bringing it back, and we’re bringing it back fast,” Trump said before signing the bill. Trump then gave the pen with which he signed the legislation to coal miners who attended the ceremony.
Both chambers of Congress passed resolutions under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) earlier this year to eliminate the Department of the Interior’s so-called “Stream Protection Rule” on coal mine discharge into nearby streams.
Trump was expected to sign the CRA into law. The president said in a previous statement the $1.2 billion stream rule “duplicates existing protections in the Clean Water Act and is unnecessary given the other Federal and State regulations already in place.”
Trump said he’s “committed to reviving America’s coal mining communities, which have been hurting for too long” — a major campaign promise he made was to rollback federal regulations on coal use.
Lawmakers have introduced at least 37 CRA resolutions to repeal Obama-era rules. As many as 150 regulations are eligible for repeal under the CRA, according to experts.
Liberals say coal is losing to its nemesis natural gas in the free market.

What they leave out is that EPA regulations unnecessarily increase coal costs.

If you really want a free market, dump the taxpayer subsidies for alt-energy such as windmills.

At any rate, the Republican Party finally is ending the tyranny of centralized government, one CRA resolution at a time.


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  1. EPA undergoing some 'remediation' is funnier than hell!

  2. Wife and I both have miner family.
    E.Kentucky and West Virginia.
    Made me feel very proud when Trump honored those
    Obama and Co.-Including the GOPe..wanted them dead and gone.. TG McCoy

  3. The energy playing field needs to be level and competitive. Eliminating bullshit regulations along with subsidies will accomplish that.

  4. Natural gas is plentiful and has the advantage of being a cleaner fuel than coal. Fracking technology makes gas accessible at a relatively low market price. Rather than the government penalizing our abundant stores of coal into oblivion, I'd rather see it fund research into ways to make it cleaner at a competitive cost to consumers. That's how America has traditionally solved other challenges it has faced in the past. The national goal of energy independence should include the use of a variety of cheap energy sources.

  5. Trump: Getting the government out of the way!

  6. How's the export market for coal?

  7. The bureaucrats' rules are no match for Trump's hickory switch.

  8. Back around 1990 when the OSHA universal precautions rules were passed one of the items we had to comply with was to put a biohazard trash receptacle in every exam room. Keep in mind this was a very small part of the burden of regs put through with this. I estimated the number of exam rooms based on a rough estimate of doctors offices, never thinking that I should have included dentists and other kinds of medical professionals. I came up with $4 billion. The number should have been higher.
    No research was done to determine if this rule would help prevent transmission of communicable disease. Any benefit was merely presumed.
    A worthless piece of shit bureaucrat can put this kind of burden on us as easily as he can clip his nails.
    These people should be put to death.

    1. Sounds like The Doc would have a use for those bio-hazard bins that go by the descriptor of "Recognizable Body Parts".

    2. Doc, are you talking about a sharps container? We have those in every room in our hospital, and they are an essential safety device.

  9. I think ☪ظ☭ma's EPA was incredibly racist----I think they hated coal because it's black.

    1. Brilliant! Can't spell BHO's name with a muslim crescent and hammer and sickle!