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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Clarice Feldman's review of "Trump the Establishment"

Her review is posted at American Thinker. She is a great writer, and a fun cyber-buddy. Please read it.


  1. Replies
    1. I love Clarice, but I disagreed with her that Trump lost every debate. Other than that, I'm with you: "Short, but SWEET!"

  2. My book arrived just now, and I've ordered a 2nd for a friend.

  3. Kitty beat me to it: Trump didn't lose any debate that I saw, and I saw them all.

    The Fox debate serves as a good example, where the script called for MeAgain Kelly to destroy The Donald; but he turned the tables on her, and she's the one who got destroyed. MeAgain is now working at some second-rate outfit, and soon nobody will remember her. Sad!

    Now I too have your book in my hand, Don! Thanks, and I'll be retiring to my hermitage until it's finished!

  4. Nice comments on the AT site to Clarice's review. Hope you see a spike in web site visits AND book sales.

  5. In a reply to a comment similar to Kitty's and Eskeman's above, Clarice Feldman said "I was quoting the author who was stating the media's point of view at the time. I didn't think he'd lost every debate and I don't think Surber did either."