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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Blake Lively shows what Warren can expect

Pretending to be Cherokee got her a job at Harvard as a law professor. Voters of Massachusetts ignored it in electing her to the Senate, just as they ignored Ted Kennedy driving drunk and killing a woman.

But how would Fauxcahontas play nationally?

Actress and model Blake Lively may provide the answer.

After landing a gig in a L’Oreal Paris ad, Lively revealed that she has a mixed heritage of English, German, Irish and Cherokee.

Isha Aran of Fusion scoffed at the claim:
United in Beige. White person Blake Lively is now being hailed as a symbol of America’s diversity. Really.
This is a time of hurt and division in America, so it’s very important that we embrace each other and celebrate diversity. After all, America is a melting pot, especially when it comes to skin color (even though I definitely don’t see skin color, I see people). Still, everyone’s skin color is unique and beautiful, whether you’re black like Rachel Dolezal or, as former Gossip Girl Blake Lively recently revealed, a mixed-race Cherokee woman.
Rachel Dolezal is a white woman who claimed to be black to land a job as president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter in Spokane, Washington.

From the New York Daily News:
Blake Lively revealed that she is part Cherokee — and internet users revealed they aren’t buying it.
The famous actress is under attack on social media after she briefly addressed her mixed heritage in a L’Oreal Paris ad for various skin tones, noting that she is English, German, Irish and Cherokee.
“Okay it's confirmed, blake lively just said she was cherokee, thank god l'oreal finally makes a shade for her v underrepresented skin tone,” Twitter user Sarah Gorman wrote.
Hollywood has a long history of fake Indians, most notably Espera Oscar de Corti -- a Sicilian-American actor who later billed himself as Iron Eyes Cody, the Indian chief with the tear rolling down his eye in the "Keep America Beautiful" spots.

From NBC:
Blake Lively Slammed on Social Media After Claiming Cherokee Ancestry in L'Oréal Ad
Lively also came under fire in 2016 for posting a pic where she claimed to have an "L.A. face with an Oakland booty."
Hmm. Dear Senator Warren: Don't go there.

I don't know what Lively's heritage is, but she works in a profession where plastic surgery is the norm, so why not implant one's family tree with an Indian?

Just as in the Ivy League, there are incentives in Hollywood not to be white.

How this plays in the 2020 presidential race will be interesting if Warren runs.


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  1. An early imposter was 100% Italian Luke Joseph Scarpa, born in Philadelphia, PA. Baby boomers like me may know him as wrestler Chief Jay Strongbow (from Pawhuska, OK).

    Fauxcahontas' soul mate.

  2. I always liked Michael Pate. He played a convincing Indian (ahem.... Native American). But he was born and raised in Australia and served with the Australian Army in World War II. As for Fauxcahontas, I see President Trump is playing along merrily with it. - Elric

  3. "Actress and model Blake Lively may provide the answer." I wouldn't bet on that, as we already KNOW that the Left Loves Fauxcahontas. I would bet on the Trump voters NOT liking Fauxcahontas. Can Ms. Lively give us documentation on this?

  4. Too many gullible people are believing everything they are told about themselves on as they look for the genetic and ethnic equivalent of a digital selfie photo.

    1. There were rumors of Indian blood in our family. No traces of it on, going back to the 1600's. And a recent DNA test confirmed it. If you do the research right, meaning NOT relying on other people's fanciful trees, you'll find where you came from. Provided your ancestors were both literate and important enough to have records of them. There are a few branches of mine that dead end; just can't find anything more about an individual except who they were married to.

  5. Isha Aran talks a lot about skin color for someone who claims not to see it.
    I still see people as different shades of green. That was one of the most useful things for civilian life they taught me in Basic.

  6. Waidaminute, I hope you're not trying to cast doubt upon the authenticity of Frank de Kova's heritage?

    1. Chief Spreading Bull Warren may be confused as to wether Chief Wild Eagle or Jay Strongbow is her father.

  7. Chris Plante said this week that more than 200 people in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Warren's pet project - make more money per year than Senators do. The CFPB is a government agency. Am I the only one who sees a problem with that? And what the Eff has the CFPB done for me? Fauxcahontas is a fraud.

    1. "And what the Eff has the CFPB done for me?"

      If it weren't for them, the only way a man could get a warm inner glow would be acid reflux.

    2. Dave, you remain on your game! That's funny...