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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Another reason to defund NPR

Marjorie Merriweather Post had Mar-a-Lago constructed in Palm Beach in the 1920s as a magnificent mansion, which she bequeathed to the U.S. government to serve as a winter retreat for the president. After all, Jack Kennedy spent many a weekend at the Kennedy mansion in Palm Beach during his sadly brief presidency. But Carter nixed that, and gave the mansion back. Donald Trump bought it and now -- lo and behold -- it is a retreat for the president.

NPR does not like that.

Not one bit.

Why, The Donald is holding up traffic in the tony resort town.

From NPR:
Trump's Frequent Visits Disrupt Palm Beach Life And Businesses
For the third week in a row, President Trump is spending the weekend in Florida at Mar-a-Lago.
It seems Trump enjoys spending time at the club he owns in Palm Beach, but since the election, his stays there have raised issues not seen when he was a private citizen. They involve security and the impact his visits are having on people and businesses in Palm Beach.

Why do I get the feeling that if it were Obama, NPR would be looking for townspeople who are ecstatic with the weekly visits?

Certainly a straight news story would lead with people seeing benefits as well as those seeing a downside of being the weekend White House. While the story eventually (and begrudgingly) has  people who say it is a good thing to have, the tone is negative and aimed to please the largely liberal donors to NPR.

But this story that makes me wonder why we have NPR. It's not as if cable news is not overflowing in news channels. In fact, in many parts of the country -- including my home state of West Virginia --  NPR is hard to get.

Sirius XM offers far more choices and a far better range of voices than NPR.

Why as a taxpayer am I paying for nonsense stories aimed at tearing down the president?

The network says it receives no direct federal funding and that government provides only 5% of its budget.

West Virginia faces a half-billion-dollar budget deficit.

Zero out NPR. Let the organization take a 5% hit in its spending instead of making taxpayers dig deeper to keep alive a redundant and leftist network.

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  1. National Progressive Radio would benefit from being cut off; more funding from Soros and other funders.
    I agree with Don; it 'twere Obama there, 'twould be all sweetness and light-bringer on NPR.

  2. I remember the ads for NPR back in (I think) the '70s or '80s in which we were told NPR was important because, after all, how would a sheepherder in Montana get to listen to grand opera?

    I think it's time the sheepherder got a CD player.

    1. I'm going to guess the sheepherder already has one. It's NPR's assumption that he needs NPR or he would continue to be uncultured, ignorant and isolated as he is.

  3. NPR is for the committed Hillary voter. It has no influence on mainstream America and no interest in it either. Defunding it is the right thing to do.. Today Breitbart reported that an NPR "journalist" suggested no one show up at Trump's next presser because he is so insulting to such great people, you know. This journalist forgets or doesn't care that Trump called on her colleague Mara L at his most recent press flensing ,treating her with the great respect she deserves. She is probably the last journalist worth the name at NPR and maybe now on the Fox News panels. She should exit the NPR clown car as soon as possible.

  4. One of my close buddies, a Navy vet and NRA guy, always has NPR on when I visit in the morning. I can't stand it, so now he turns it off shortly after I arrive. He says he's just "keeping an eye on the enemy," but sure enough, he swallows some of their poison. He had a problem accepting Candidate Trump, even though he hated and loathed Hillary; the kool-aid was injected into him by NPR!

    Even being skeptical, people still accept the assumptions that NPR (and other propaganda outlets) build their fake news upon.

    It's like President Reagan said long ago, "...they know so much that isn't so." That's because they hear it on the radio, and at some unconscious level, they believe it. It's constantly repeated, too, just in case you missed the first round of indoctrination.

    Tokyo Rose had nothing on NPR!

  5. Ask the residents of Kailua, Windward Oahu in Hawaii, if the Christmas vacation the Obamas spent there each year had any impact on them. Streets around their rental unit were cordoned off by the Secret Service, there was of course a no-fly zone over the residence, there were also no-swim and no-boating zones along the popular public beach, the freeways and major streets were blocked off to make way for the presidential motorcade (15 vehicles including a mobile hospital unit that always travels with the Big Kahuna). Where was NPR then? Look, while the cost of the Obamas' many extravagant vacations can be criticized, they (like Trump) deserved a chance to live a relatively normal life beyond the bubble that is Washington DC.

  6. He ain't dynamiting no gophers there, so what's their beef?

  7. "[NPR] says it . . . that government provides only 5% of its budget."

    So, if federal funding is ONLY 5%, then why all the angst about seeing only 5% disappear as if they will cease operations; after all it's ONLY 5%.

  8. The Twilight of the Leftist Media: "Gutterdämmerung"?

  9. The media's "man in the street" stories from Chappaqua, NY last year reported nothing but gushing love and admiration for The Hillary despite the media circus.

  10. Taxpayers should not be funding "public" radio. It has morphed into nothing more than the propaganda broadcaster for PravdAmerika. Herr Goebbels would be proud. - Elric

  11. media is complaining about defending the Trumps
    NPR has lots of friends to support their every wish
    So let's take funds
    from NPR and use them to defend
    The First Family

  12. Every time the ☪ظ☭mas went to Martha's Vineyard story upon story was published about what a great thing it was for the local economy, and we were always treated to photos ad infinitum of the former manchild-in-chief gobbling down an ice cream cone as if he were sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch. Double-standard much?

  13. Time to wean NPR off the government teat, especially if it's only 5%. Even humans don't breastfeed as long as NPR has. Where in the Constitution is even this level of government support authorized for what is essentially "the press" as referred to in our Constitution?

    Taxpayers should not be forced to support their ideas and presentation no matter what their political persuasion (decidedly leftist), let them stand or fall in a free(r) market...

  14. Defund NPR because we do not need it. Government should be about the things we must have, not the things that some of us would like to have, but others of us do not.

    NPR is not necessary. Defund it.

  15. That NPR only gets 5% of its direct funding from the Federal might be true, but lots of Federal money goes to local stations who buy programming from NPR.

  16. OK, NPR receives just 5% of its funding "directly." So, what's the breakdown of the other 95%???

  17. I think it's time to say Goodbye NPR and PBS. Here's a guarantee, if people want to see Antique Road Show, Nova, lots of good Brit Tele and other stuff they will, even if it is on a for profit outlet. The rest of the crap from libral land will live or die as demand has it.