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Monday, February 20, 2017

76th Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

While "Trump the Establishment," understandably, gets most of the attention since debuting on February 7, its big sister, "Trump the Press" is still attracting readers. And today, it received its 76th Amazon review.

From Mifouf:
Captures the entire terrifying and hilarious behavior of the doofus commentariat and mainstream media during the amazing 2015-2016 election process. Truly, none of us will ever again live through an era of such intensely preposterous efforts to mislead and misinterpret the American people...or at least, we can all pray that we don't. As an amateur historian, I recommend this little book as mandatory reading. Send it as a gift to the confused among your friends, and as a cautionary tale, it should also be part of the general education of all US adolescents.
Mifouf is a pseudonym, named "in commemoration of the huge black cat of my favorite French WWII heroine, Francoise Dyssart. She and her fellow seamstresses successfully returned to England hundreds of allied flyers who crashed during the war onto French territory. Personal accounts of many of those who had gone down that line commented on her (an eccentric old seamstress) and her amazing cat."

Wow. History can never be fully told because we will never know the names of all the heroes.

God does.

Kindle is now taking orders. The Kindle version appears on March 1.

"Trump the Establishment" is already available in paperback.

This is the sequel to "Trump the Press," which covered the nomination. It is available on Kindle, or in paperback on Create Space.

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  1. Thing is, the true heroes don't think they ARE heros, whereas the craven ...

    Someone who cares about the welfare of German children:

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