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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

74th Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

I am blessed with great readers.

From Mary Stephanie Kilroe:
Don's a two copy author for me!
I came to know about Don Surber through Instapundit and so took Glenn Reynold's advice to read "Trump the Press". I don't regret the Kindle purchase and bought the paperback (today) for my brother. I decided initially to reluctantly vote for Trump after the nomination process since I was a committed Never Hillary person. The Republican party could have nominated a rabid monkey and I would have voted for it.! However, as time went by I became very enthusiastic about Trump even more so after his October 13 speech. Reading "Trump the Press" allowed me to relive the nomination process and see behind the Uniparty/Globalist agenda. Don Surber is among a very few who reported on the real story of this election. I have been counting the days for the next installment "Trump the Establishment" and will buy two copies again. I think Don may have a cottage industry with books on Trump's entire first term. If so, I will certainly purchase. Well worth it!
You do realize I am retired :)

But if readers insist...

"Trump the Press" is on Kindle and in paperback.

The sequel -- "Trump the Establishment" -- will be published in paperback on Tuesday.

Contact me if you want an autographed copy -- at


  1. Re-tired, gassed up, new plugs, this feisty sports model's ready to take the "Trump the ..." show on the road!

    1. Got a nice detailing and wax job, too. Looooooooookin' good, Don!