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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

73rd Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

Steve Hayward of PowerLine, look what you have done!

From Paul:
Not just about our execrable press -- the book provides insight into the man
I first learned of the Surber book (and heard of Don Surber) when Steve Hayward wrote about it—with enthusiasm—at the PowerLine blog. I immediately ordered a copy and quickly read it, finding it engrossing. One measure of my appreciation for it is that I marked about 70 passages in the book for later reference; that’s an average of about one highlight in every three pages.
Since my subject of expertise is immigration, I’d been for Trump all along, regarding much of the press coverage of his campaign as shallowly-informed hysteria. But Surber’s book solidified my enthusiasm for Trump, particularly because of its Chapter 12, “Who Is Donald Trump?”
Not being much for American popular culture (not even owning a TV), my prior exposure to Trump was essentially just what had been written about him since he’d announced his campaign. Prior to the campaign, I could only say that his name was familiar.
Well, Chapter 12 is about the man, and one comes away from it with a strong impression of Trump’s basic human decency and humility (yes!). One particular point (pp. 55 – 56) is how he was universally popular among his ~100 fellow cadets at the military academy he attended for high school. Popular even though those of such adolescent ages are prone to cliques and jealousies.
Interestingly, in September 2016, I encountered, at a Washington DC meeting on immigration policy, Sheriff (and retired Army Brigadier General) Donald Smith of Putnam County, NY. He'd been at that military school at the same time as Trump (I forget if in the same class or an "adjacent" one), and he confirmed Surber’s story of the teenage Trump’s excellent standing among his peers.
I wound up scanning Chapter 12’s eight pages and emailing the PDF file to a bunch of friends.
I look forward to Surber's post-election sequel!
Thank you, Paul.

Tuesday is the publication date for "Trump the Establishment."

I look forward to the reviews.

As with "Trump the Press," I shall post the reviews here in gratitude for those who take the time to leave an Amazon review.


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  1. 71 5-star reviews is pretty dang good. This is one of the best.

    1. I agreed. What a great review from a unique reader.