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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women's March (or the Parade of Menopausal Actresses)

Screenwriter Roger L. Simon, proprietor of Pajamas Media, is puzzled over this weekend's Women's March in Washington.

And for good reason: the event made about as much sense politically as a peanut butter and petroleum jelly sandwich.

Simon wrote:
Ironically, these women's marches are strangely behind the times in today's America and therefore largely irrelevant, though the participants may not realize or acknowledge it.  More women have been going to college than men for several years and are just now surpassing them in law school as well. Hillary Clinton may have lost the election but women are well on track to win the war. Within a very few years, historically we may be living in a matriarchy of sorts. Instead of freaking out over an election, these women should relax and enjoy their coming power. It's manifested all over the Trump administration already in the persons of Kellyanne Conway (she could run for president herself -- and win) and Ivanka Trump (so could she).
That is a very good point. This was a failure logically, tactically, and politically.

So obviously, that was not the point. Madonna and her fellow celebrities are successful people. They failed politically, therefore, politics was not their point on Saturday.

Relevance was. Let me explain this in a language that Simon understands.


Gloria Swanson was 51 when she played Norma Desmond, the reclusive silent film star, in the 1950 film "Sunset Boulevard." In real life, she was a silent movie star who made the transition to talkies, but whose age -- not her voice -- got the better of her.

Swanson did not need the movie. She was rich, and enjoying her life.

She was not Norma Desmond living in the past in a mansion on Sunset Boulevard. That was just a role.

Swanson had moved on to television and lived in New York. They talked her into it, and yes, as George Cukor promised her, that is the role for which she is remembered.

And that was what Swanson wanted and got -- relevance. I'm writing about a movie star who made her screen debut more than a century ago, to explain a political event this weekend.

Eat your heart out, Mary Astor.

Madonna is 58, seven years older than Swanson was when "Sunset Boulevard" premiered. Madonna made the transition to the Internet, but her age -- not her voice -- got the better of her.

Her "Sunset Boulevard" was the Women's March on Saturday.

Like a teen with a contraband pack of smokes, she launched into a profanity-laced speech, as she tried to make herself relevant to a generation that spends half its time looking at its iPhone, the other half posing for it.

In short, mini-Madonnas.

What do they need her for? If they want a role model, they have the Kardashians, who come in many other sizes and are more interesting.

Madonna did show that 30 years later she can still squeeze into her wardrobe from "Who's That Girl?"

Ashley Judd, 48, was at the show as well. 

The d├ębutantes of yesteryear who pushed the envelop sexually two generations ago are back now as doyennes protesting the sexual exploitation of women -- while preaching to a crowd that features women dressed as vaginas.

The scenario is so absurd that Salvador Dali would refuse to paint it, and Federico Fellini would refuse to film it.

And yet, here we are, America.

But be of good cheer. Bismarck was right. The angels keep watch over children, drunks, and the United States of America.

Feminist politics is theater therapy for little old ladies like Meryl Streep and Cher.

Fortune and fame are not enough. They never are.

Madonna and her friends are ready for their close-ups, Mister Simon.

Oh give it to them.


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  1. Speaking of Bismarck and the German Empire, did you notice all the crypto-fascists at that Washington rally?

    From blogger Tim Blair:

    "These people must be absolutely confounded whenever they see images of Hitler riding around in that big old peace wagon of his"

  2. Not quite the "Red Dawn" the Leftards were hoping for.

  3. 52% of white women vote for Trump.
    Next up is the March for life...
    bet it will be ah YUGE!
    with no credit from the MSM..

  4. 'The scenario is so absurd that Salvador Dali would refuse to paint it, and Federico Fellini would refuse to film it.'

    Is. Good.
    Real. Good.

    The only reason the #pussyhats were so widely promoted is that the #asshats have been out of stock for about 18 months.

  5. We're winning. Do you smell the desperation just yet? Well, the wind carried it up to the Eastern Panhandle this morning. It smelled like...victory. Bob Duvall is a conservative. We STILL got this.

  6. And as usual, if you want the truth about feminist women, you need to turn to Paglia

  7. Trump is vulgar because he used vulgar language in private, but they are okay with their use of vulgar language in public. When it comes to logic, women are so emotional. LOL.

  8. So what should men do to prevent women from winning the war? How should men fight the matriarchy?

    - Mark S.

  9. Relevant? Them? Naaaaaaahhhhhhh.

  10. All those Leftard conspiracy theorists got it wrong.

    Instead of looking for Little Green-Skinned Men saying "Take me to your leader", they oughta been look for Big Orange-Skinned Men saying "Take me AS your leader."

  11. How about some of those pretty Russian brides-to-be? With enough U.S/Russian marriages we could make Russia the 51st state in no time. Talk about making friends out of enemies. - Elric

  12. They will ever be a matriarchal society, they are generation ex.
    In a good marriage, the man makes the decisions and the wife trusts him because she knows he has her best interests in mind. She offers advice, he listens. He knows she will give good advice because she has his best interests in mind.
    A good husband provides for today while the good wife provides for tomorrow. ?? He is making sure there is food for the table. She is training up the next generation so that when they are old, those children will provide for them.
    Liberalism undermines that. Prior to social(ist) security, we had social security. Good parents knew that in their old age, their children would provide for them just as they provided for theirs, vis a vis The Waltons.
    Aint it great how we have screwed up the best of GOD's plans?