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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why "Trump the Establishment"

Seven months ago, I published "Trump the Press," which showed how the press and pundits got the Trump wrong. It was a fun and well-researched effort, praised by Glenn Reynolds as must reading for journalists.

Next week, I publish its sequel, "Trump the Establishment," which explains why the press got it wrong.

President Trump is ready for the publication on February 7 of "Trump the Establishment."

On the one hand, the new volume is a continuation of the story. The first book covered the nomination process; the second the general election and Trump's president-elect period.

"Trump the Establishment" covers the poor reporting using what they reported peppered with -- as one reader put it -- sly asides that guide the reader through the inanity.

But this time, I asked myself why they did this? I included the obvious reason of liberal bias, but there are many other factors including money, and the incestuous nature of politics and the press. There also is a factor overlooked by so many: the press is used to covering politicians, not CEOs.

Much of the press coverage of Hillary amounted to an in-kind campaign contribution from corporations currying favor from the next administration.

This explains why the press continues down this path in the Trump presidency.

The press missed the issues -- deliberately. The Hillary campaign avoided them because these Mooks thought they could destroy Trump with the Politics of Personal Destruction she and her husband perfected in the 1990s.

"Trump the Establishment" delves into the issues. Chapter 20, "The NAFTA Aftermath," is the best explanation of the consequences of this agreement, which turned into a bipartisan catastrophe for American manufacturers.

Obama carried five of the Top 10 manufacturing states in America.

Trump carried all 10.

People who have read "Trump the Press" will be familiar with the style. You told me you wanted more. Here it is.

New readers will see me use the style I developed in 30 years as a columnist -- and the research techniques I developed in 27 years as an editorial writer.

Details on purchasing will unfold soon. However, autographed copies will be available. Email me for details at

That autograph deal also applies to "Trump the Press," which is also available on Kindle and on Amazon.


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  5. Big D, you set the bar high with Trump The Press. But that's what champions do. Always challenging themselves to new heights of excellence. I eagerly await your ten copies!