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Monday, January 16, 2017

Unserious anchor wastes Pence's time

Governor Mike Pence, who will become vice president on Friday, gave John Dickerson an interview on Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation."

Waste the Nation was more like it as Dickerson asked no substantive questions. Not one.

Instead Dickerson pestered Pence about John Lewis pouting over President Trump's election, and about the totally discredited Russian dossier.

From the transcript:
JOHN DICKERSON: Five days from now, you will be the vice-president. Let’s start with some news. The Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee has decided to investigate Russian meddling in the election. That includes any possible contact between the Russians trying to meddle and the Trump campaign. What’s your reaction to that?
JOHN DICKERSON: Last week before that intelligence briefing, the president-elect said he felt like all these questions were part of a witch hunt. He’s now had some new information. There’s now the Senate Intelligence Committee. So does-- he no longer thinks this is a witch hunt, this investigation into Russian meddling. Is that fair to say?
JOHN DICKERSON: But there’s a distinction between that feeling about the press and legitimate inquiry, as you say, that the Senate Intelligence Committee is doing. Just to button up one question, did any advisor or anybody in the Trump campaign have any contact with the Russians who were trying to meddle in the election?
Pence politely answered these dumb questions. Finally after the third one, Pence waded into substance.
MIKE PENCE: Of course not. And I think to suggest that is to give credence to some of these bizarre rumors that have swirled around the candidacy. And the fact that a few news organizations, not this one, actually trafficked in a memo that was produced as opposition research and associated that with intelligence efforts I think could only be attributed to media bias. And as I said this week at a press conference, John, the American people are tired of it. We’re coming into this week with a great sense of optimism. The American people know that we can have government in Washington, D.C. as good as our people. We can get this economy moving again. We can rebuild our military.
JOHN DICKERSON: Let me move on--
MIKE PENCE: We can be standing tall in the world again. And those are the reasons why Donald Trump’s going to take that oath of office--  
MIKE PENCE: --on Friday.  
JOHN DICKERSON: Let’s move to the world. What does Donald Trump feel about Vladimir Putin and Russia?
Ha, ha, ha.

No we cannot talk about the economy or the military or anything but Russia. Dickerson went on and on and on about it - so much so that I wonder if he cleared his questions with John Podesta or Barack Obama.

Then came the John Lewis questions:
JOHN DICKERSON: Congressman John Lewis, who you served with, Democrat, told on Meet the Press that he did not consider Donald Trump a legitimate president. Your reaction to that?
JOHN DICKERSON: Let me ask you about a tweet he sent before that tweet in which he defended himself. Famous counter-puncher Donald Trump said that John Lewis was all talk and no action. I got a question. He has every right to defend himself. Let me ask you about the wisdom of defending himself. For five years, Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of Barack Obama, that he wasn’t born in America, he was really the chief advocate of this so-called birther idea. Given that history, given that he’s about to be president, why swing at this pitch? Couldn’t he have just let it go by, be the bigger man, let John Lewis do his thing, move on? He’s about to be president of the United States. As you say, all those challenges. Bringing the country together. Why swing at this pitch?  
Good grief.

Not one substantive question in the interview.

Not one.

Dickerson used meddle or meddling five times in the interview to describe Russia.

Tax? Not mentioned once. Obamacare? Not mentioned once. The wall? Not mentioned once. Immigration? Not mentioned once.

The nation is at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, eight years after electing a man who said he would end both. The economy is weak. The budget is not balanced. Trade deficits eat us alive. Democrats turned health insurance into an over-regulated, over-priced mess.

And Dickerson is asking about Russians and a tweet to a bitter ender congressman?
JOHN DICKERSON: One final question. Esquire has a report that the Trump administration is thinking of moving the press out of White House. Is that a logistical move or a punitive move?
Trust me, it should be both.

John Dickerson is not worth anyone's time.


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  1. Interesting how Dickerson suddenly decides it's time to move on when Pence wisely shifts gears on him and refuses to answer stupid, useless questions that few people care about, and moves into the positives from the Trump/Pence perspective.

    Are we not supposed to notice that, Johnny boy? Cuz we did.

    The media thinks America is as dumb and leftist as they are. Nope.

  2. Remove the "erson" from his last name and the truth comes out.

  3. The press seems to have forgotten how to ask pertinent questions after eight years of avoiding them with the Obama Administration. - Elric

  4. This is why it makes no sense to watch these shows. I have nothing against guys like Don telling us about them, but there you have it. An opportunity to gain substantial information about the policies and direction in an incoming administration squandered in a frenzy to score points.
    The most important question to me was where Dickless asked about whether it was wise for Trump to defend himself. He wants Trump to be a worthless cuck like Bush and lay back and take it. As Ann Coulter says, the worst advice you can take is the advice of people who want to see you destroyed. Fuck Dickless.

    1. Read the transcript of the Kennedy-Nixon debates. The questions are asked by somber men who know the penalty for taking world events unseriously is paid in blood.

    2. And yet the country still elected Kennedy, who was a secret drug addict, a womanizer and a whorer who shared mistresses with other people that included gangsters; who got us deeper into the VietNam quagmire that war eventually became under LBJ; and almost got us into a nuclear conflict with the Soviets until the grown-up advice of George Ball in the presidential war councils managed to hold the day against the warmongering of younger Kennedy brother Bobbie.

    3. Secret drug addict, womanizer and whorer, all was which was known to Washington insiders and the media. none of which were reported. If the internet had existed in 1960, Nixon would have won the first time. If Eisenhower had actually campaigned for him instead of remaining aloof, Nixon would have won.

  5. Don, a big "thank you" for watching this shitshow on my behalf, and then reporting on the epic stupidity of it, which is really the only interesting part. I'm glad somebody does it, and I'm glad it's not me! :-)

    I gave up on Sunday talk shows years ago, and commented likewise on Althouse's post yesterday about refusing to watch the Sunday news shows. She's been on fire lately too. Like your blog, the comments are must-read material.

  6. Well, I guess now I know what CBS is down to now, and pretty much how close to the bottom they are.

    1. Rhodes; know the rest.

      Stunning thinkers.

  7. Stupid is as Stupid does. There, that's the Press today.

  8. I was useful.

    It demonstrated the grace and gravitas of our Vice President Election, and how the combination can further diminish the elite media types who think they can actually set the agenda. It was a treat to see Pence in action.

    Personally, I am looking forward to 8 years of Trump in the Oval Office, followed by 8 years of Pence and 8 years of one of the Trump kids. It will be glorious.

    1. Good point. Especially this one at CBS and not the interview on Fox. His take down on Lewis made me mouth breath more than normal.

      I'm becoming quite adept at completely blocking out the media fruitcakes in my life as I listen to people. The good part is everyone else is doing the same thing.

  9. Along with reforming the White House Press Corps (or corpse as Obama would say) the Trump Administration should broaden the outlets that get to do sit downs with them. No more Meet the Depressed or Waste the Nation. How about live online sessions like with Breitbart, Drudge, PowerLine, Lifezette, etc?

    1. +1 for podcasts. It would be an interesting experiment, perhaps even great entertainment. The Donald could start off each interview with a catchphrase as advice for the hysterical Left wing nut jobs, something like, I dunno, maybe "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Yeah, that's the ticket.

  10. God I miss the good old days when journos asked hard-hitting questions to Obama, like: "Would you rather *schoolboy/girl giggle* have puppy-breath kisses, or fuzzy kitten kisses?"