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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Two links

I am not Instapundit, but I do share two links this afternoon:

"Trump is playing with the press: Glenn Reynolds," USA Today.

"How the Media Can Get Its Groove Back," American Spectator.


  1. "The killer counter-move for the press isn’t to double down on anti-Trump messaging. The counter-move is to bolster its own trustworthiness by acting (and being) more neutral and sober, and by being more trustworthy."

    And if your aunt had nuts, she'd be your uncle.

  2. Nice piece in the Spectator, Don!

    Sadly, though- the MSM will never follow your excellent advice. They are determined to drive straight off the cliff, and no one's going to stop them!

    Hope they have a nice trip down, down, down...!

  3. President Trump is toying with the press the way a cat toys with a mouse - before killing it. - Elric

  4. Honestly, I think Donald looks at current media and thinks, You don't have a real job.

    1. "Currant media", more like.

      Shrivelled and no longer contains the seed of increase.

  5. T says:


    Congratulations on the recognition. Well deserved.

  6. Great piece in the Spectator,, if we can just get you on FNC/FBN as a contributor---you'd be a great fit on Lou Dobbs or Mediabuzz!