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Monday, January 16, 2017

Trump is Nixon without that Watergate jazz

Christopher Mahoney tweeted on Saturday:
Since when is detente with Russia a bad thing?
I would add, what is so bad about a Two China policy?

President Nixon adopted these policies were to box the Soviet Union in. Nixon was doing The Lord's work, as anyone familiar Our Lady of Fátima knows. 

In the summer of 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared before three children in Portugal and revealed three prophecies.

The second prophecy was the Consecration of Russia, which came on Her son's birthday, Christmas Day 1991 when the evil empire at last expired.

But as Teresa of Avila wrote in the 16th century:
Christ has no body but yours,
No hands, no feet on earth but yours
And so it fell upon imperfect men -- Nixon, Reagan, Walesa, and Pope John Pail II -- and women (Thatcher) to do the work of The Lord.

It also took a commie.

Morris Childs was an American communist on the payroll of the Soviets from 1929 through 1982. 

After being nudged aside by Gus Hall for the presidency of the Communist Party USA, Childs became a double agent of the FBI in 1958, feeding the United States inside information, including the rift between the Soviet Union and Red China.

Reagan awarded Childs and his brother Presidential Medals of Freedom, back when the medal mattered.

Using that information from Childs, Nixon adopted the Two China Policy to serve as a wedge between the communist dictatorships. Detente also helped hasten the end of the evil empire.

Carter eagerly adopted a One China Policy because he hated sound policy.

Trump promptly reversed this foolishness upon his election. Detente and a Two China Policy will work to bring Red China to heel. Russia also can help us end Islamic terrorism.

The USA keeps Red China afloat, funneling $1 billion a day in the trade deficit. China invests this money in its military. This endangers the world.

As President Trump works to restore America's greatness, globalists say that a protectionist policy is a hidden tax on Americans who must pay more for products.

Duly noted.

But the hidden costs of propping up a communist adversary is a bigger price paid.

Using Nixon's plan to subdue Red China is genius.


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  1. After eight years of Obama screwing up our foreign policy anything is an improvement. By putting a friendly face on our relations with Russia we're reversing Nixon's China gambit by boxing China in. The Two China policy simply gives the knife a twist. Who said President Trump doesn't have a clue about foreign policy? - Elric

  2. "And so it fell upon imperfect men -- Nixon, Reagan, Walesa, and Pope John Pail II..." Yep, Pope John carried water for The Lord.

    1. We all carry the water for Him, want it or not, like it or not. That must surely make some kind of people angry. Thank God I'm happy to be his (deplorable) water carrier.

  3. I watched Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Varney this morning bloviating that "China is our adversary, Russia is our enemy" and I couldn't help but wonder what planet is he looking at? And this guy admitted he voted for HilLIARy! Sure wish they'd stop putting him on FBN!

  4. Trump generates policy like a multi-cushion pool shot, making the eight-ball in the corner pocket.

    The MSM is always looking in the wrong direction.

  5. "back when the medal mattered"

    Ain't it da troof.

    1. Shame, but don't matter overmuch, not really.

      Men remember deeds better than metal does.

      And who else's opinion matters?